Sport4Kids: Revolutionary ‘Best Practice’ Children’s Sports Development Programmes coming to Bristol & Portishead from February!

Revolutionary children’s sports development programmes coming to Bristol & Portishead in 2019 – Give your little ones the best opportunity to engage with sport and monitor their progress with Sport4Kids! (18month – 7years)

Sport4Kids (S4K) are on a mission to get more children aged 18 months – 7 years active and happy in 2019!

We’re doing this through launching revolutionary children’s sports development and entertainment classes for toddlers, kids and children (from 18 months upwards) in Bristol and Portishead from February 2019. We launch with Rugby classes and Football classes for just £1 for the launch month, and Free Taster Sessions! Golf, Cricket and Tennis to come later in 2019.

The breadth and depth of the S4K model is significant. This is ultimately a win for children, parents, schools and nurseries. It is fuelled by research and continuous development, to offer ground-breaking programmes that get better and better, allowing children and parents to engage with development and see the progress.

The recent Parliamentary Review 2018 provided S4K national recognition as a Best Practice Representative – showcasing service industry standards and innovation.

Highlights include research-driven, Ofsted accredited curriculum, player progression pathways, practice@home books, and much more. Children are developed through programmes based on child psychology, Montessori learning methods, and world class skills coaching. One smile at a time. I truly believe S4K are going to revolutionise the Bristol and North Somerset toddler and children’s sports market with this winning combination.

Parents and children who live in or near Henbury, Bristol – Henbury Leisure Centre – and Portishead – Gordano Sports Centre – have a lot to be excited about in 2019! Below are easy URLs to book in early and avoid your toddler or child missing out on a great opportunity.

Or scroll down further to read more about S4K. I’ve picked out 10 reasons why Sport4Kids is the winning formula for toddlers, children and parents. Give your little ones the best chance to engage with and develop through sport, from toddler through to pre-school and beyond.


Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your toddlers and children to engage with sport the S4K Way! There’s limited availability – click the links below to register your toddler or child now and avoid disappointment!

Bristol, Henbury Leisure Centre, Saturdays from Feb 2nd 2019:

Football – Bristol, Henbury
Book here: S4K Tots Football (18 Months to 3 Years) 9.00-9.45am
Book here: S4K Kickers Football (3 to 5 Years) 9.50-10.35am

Rugby – Bristol, Henbury
Book here: S4K Toddler Rugby (18 Months to 3 Years) 10.40-11.25am
Book here: S4K Cubs Rugby (3 to 5 Years) 11.30-12.15am


Portishead, Gordano Sports Centre, Sundays from Feb 3rd 2019:

Football – Portishead
Book here: S4K Tots Football (18 months to 3 years) 9.00-9.45am
Book here: S4K Kickers Football (3 to 5 years) 9.50-10.35am
Book here: S4K Strikers Football (5 to 7 years) 12.30-1.30pm

Rugby – Portishead
Book here: S4K Toddler Rugby (18 months to 3 years) 10.40-11.25am
Book here: S4K Cubs Rugby (3 to 5 years) 11.30am-12.15pm

“We’re set to expand quickly through 2019, and we’re already looking at introducing S4K into other areas of Bristol such as Horfield, Filton, Westbury-on-Trym, Clifton, Southville, Bedminster, St Andrews and more! Further, we’re hoping to launch Golf, Cricket and other sports service lines for toddlers and kids from Summer 2019!”

10 reasons why I believe Sport4Kids is the winning formula for parents looking to engage toddlers and children with Football and Rugby classes in Bristol and Portishead:

1. Passionate about smiles
Children enjoying themselves is the most important thing to S4K. We’re inspired by Walt Disney and aspire to develop our programmes that engage children alike through creative storytelling as we take children through their S4K learning journey. This is a key founding principle as we work to maximise the number of smiles on kids and parents, the S4K Way.

2. Child Psychology
Children need to feel comfortable in order to build passion and engagement, to be the best they can be. One of our co-founders, Dr. Mark Gould, is a Doctor of Psychology, instils research-driven methods into every way S4K interacts with children.

3. Montessori learning methods
Children can best succeed when in an environment that best allows the development of motor, cognitive, and social skills. Research suggests modern technology and safety are limiting development of motor skills, which is impacting cognitive skills development. S4K apply Montessori learning methods that are based on the ‘prepared environment’ for the ‘prepared child’.

4. Ofsted accredited, continuously improving curriculum
Children deserve access to high quality curriculum, that gets better and better. S4K programmes have been accredited by Ofsted. Further, S4K review and update lesson plans every month, which are prescribed and scripted to ensure each child and parent gets the true S4K experience.

5. World class technical skills development
Children can learn world class technical skills through being taught how to apply theory. S4K identify and apply a composite of renowned best practices across each sport for each skill area, and break each skill down into the motor skills that can be understood and applied at each age group.

For example, Football is based on the Dutch Coerver methods for ball manipulation and dribbling, Spanish ‘Tiki-Taka’ for space creation through quick tempo passing, and Brazilian Futsal for samba inspired skill and flair. Rugby is based on precision ball handling techniques inspired by the All Blacks (Rugby Union) and Australian Rugby league sides.

6. Practice@home books
Children develop skills through repeat-ability (practice!). S4K have created well-defined and clearly structured learning programmes, and child progression can be easily tracked in sessions and most importantly developed through practising at home! S4K provide practice@home books for every age group across every sport, so it’s easy to understand which areas to focus on for every child.

7. First class service delivery
Children services often do not have the same levels of service standards expected in other service industries, and can often appear unprofessional, providing a bad experience to children and parents. One of the co-founders, Steve Jones, brings his professional services industry heritage and quality standards into every way S4K operates. S4K is all about providing the best possible experience to every child and parent, and this is clearly resonated by many parents and children across the S4K community.

8. Coach development pathways and audits
Children will get the best experience with the best coaches. S4K want to ensure every family gets the proper S4K experience, and ensure coaches are well-trained to perform to their best ability. Our detailed coach development pathways include online learning so our coaches and entertainers know exactly what’s expected of them, and how they can get better and better. We regularly audit coach performance to strive to always provide S4K standards for every child and parent, every time.

9. Community builders
S4K children and parents will form close bonds with a shared passion for development and enjoyment through sport. S4K take pride on extending the family-oriented culture within S4K community hubs, and parents can connect online through Facebook pages and groups for each hub. In Bristol and North Somerset we plan to hold a number of fun, child-centred events throughout the year as we grow.

10. Free Taster Sessions, Launch offers, and scholarships


We are also launching scholarships through local nurseries and schools in the area to ensure S4K is as inclusive for all as possible.

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Thanks for reading and your support!

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.