Health & Wellbeing badge recognises Fairfield High School efforts

Fairfield High School (FHS) has been awarded the Bristol Healthy Schools’ Health & Wellbeing badge, in recognition for its considerable work to address and promote the issues around this complex and topical subject throughout the whole school community.

This award is a celebration and culmination of excellent work, including an open culture where talking about mental health and asking for help is encouraged, curricular and extracurricular activities (focusing on mental health and wellbeing) are embedded to promote healthy lifestyles, and staff and students working together to plan and deliver initiatives to promote good mental health.

For example, FHS empowers its students by offering multiple opportunities for them to share their opinions, with concerted effort on the areas surrounding mental health and well-being.

An outcome of this being an all gender toilet in response to feedback from the school’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) group; this group also ran a training session for staff to educate them on how to address and deal with transgender students.

Staff are just as important to the FHS community with well-being featuring on every formal agenda. Staff surveys on wellbeing are regularly conducted; recent changes as a result of these including the review of the schedule for meetings and parents evenings, reviewing the pattern of the school day and adjusting it in response to staff suggestions.

Janice Callow, Strategic Projects Lead at FHS explains:

“The general well-being of our staff and students is of utmost priority, and we are over the moon that our efforts, which take place effortlessly on a daily basis, have been recognised in such a manner.

“We appreciate that every individual is unique with a variety of needs, which is why we put so many measures in place to accommodate these. We shall be displaying this badge with pride, and would like to thank the Healthy Schools team for all of its hard work and efforts.”

The Health & Wellbeing badge is one of a series of awards which are offered by the Healthy Schools team to recognise the outstanding commitment towards improving the health and wellbeing of pupils.

There are eight badges included in the scheme which cover local and national health priorities including healthy eating, keeping active and promoting positive mental health. The overall aim of Healthy Schools is to ensure the next generation is as healthy as possible so to prevent future ill health or disease.