Introducing Aldi’s ‘Kit for Schools’ Initiative to Bristol Parents!

I am really pleased to introduce Aldi’s new Kit for Schools initiative to Bristol parents!

Part of Aldi’s long-standing partnership with Team GB, the initiative will give 20 primary schools across the UK £20,000 each to spend on equipment promoting the health and well-being of children!

Aldi will also be offering a sports kit to all schools who complete a poster, which includes relay batons, bibs and cones.

Each school that signs up to enter the Kit for Schools initiative will receive a sticker chart.  Then, for each completed chart, the school will receive one entry into the final prize draw to win £20,000 to buy equipment for a health legacy.

From Friday 6th September until Sunday 3rd November of this year, each time you spend £30 or more at an Aldi supermarket you will receive stickers which can be taken into your child’s school and added to its sticker chart.

The Kit for Schools initiative will be both fun and educational for children and will encourage healthy eating and living habits through opportunities for talking points and even classroom project ideas.

Each of the Kit for Schools posters will pose fun health and well-being challenges for kids, plus parents, teachers and children can find lots of amazing free healthy eating and living resources from Aldi here.

For example, Aldi’s resources include how to make ‘Funny Face Sandwiches’, ‘Healthy Breaktime Snacks’, ‘Fanzone Snacking’ and ‘Smart Smoothies’.  Plus, there are many helpful tips such as how to reduce food waste and tips for picky eaters!

The Kit for Schools stickers also will inspire children to be fit and healthy as they include pictures of various Team GB athletes, plus interesting facts about them and their sport!

All primary schools across the UK can enter the Kit for Schools initiative and will be sent an entry pack this week with full details.  Schools can sign up via

Aldi’s Kit for Schools is a wonderful initiative that will go a long way in helping our children to be fit and healthy.

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post.