South Glos Candlelit March, Wed 27th November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

On the evening of Wednesday 27th November there will be a Candlelit March in South Glos to highlight the number of women and children affected by domestic abuse, rape and sexual abuse.

All are warmly invited to join this vigil which has been organised by Next Link Domestic Abuse Services to mark the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Next Link explain:

“Two women die and one child loses its mother every week in the UK as a result of Domestic Abuse. What is also deeply disturbing is that there will be nearly 5000 recorded incidents of Domestic Abuse this year in Bristol and we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg as many women do not report it.

This is also the case with rape, we know that one in five women will experience rape or attempted rape yet statistics show that 40% of women who are raped tell no one about it. The purpose of the candle lit procession is to raise public awareness of domestic abuse and rape and let victims know the services that can help them.”

The candlelit march will take place at the front of Kings Chase Shopping Centre Regent Street, Kingswood, Bristol BS15 8LP.

There, at 4pm, two larger candles will be lit by survivors to symbolise the two women who die each week through domestic abuse in this country. There will also be a minutes silence for gatherers to pay their respects to those whose lives have affected by domestic abuse, rape and sexual assault.

Hot chocolate will be provided before the march. Please bring a jam jar or portable tealight holder with you if you can but if not these will be provided.

Please come if you can.