‘Let’s Stop the Worry Cycle, Preventing and Managing Anxiety’ Parent Workshop: Saturday 29th February

Let’s Stop the Worry Cycle, Preventing and Managing Anxiety Parent Workshop
When: Saturday 29th February, 9.30am-12.30 pm
Where: Muller House, Ashley Down, BS7
Cost: £50 per person (handouts, tea, and coffee included)
Tickets: PayPal Ticket (20% discount for partners, please contact Catherine to arrange).

It’s 2020, a new year and a new decade, so let’s stop the Worry Cycle in children and promote emotional wellbeing in this parenting workshop with Catherine Coulter from Bristol Child Parent Support.

Attend this workshop to:
Learn skills, Be empowered so you can help your child, suitable for parents from ages (4-12)

Did you know?
Generalised Anxiety Disorder is the most common disorder in childhood. Research shows that most mental health disorders start before the age of 14.

Anxiety Uk states:

  • 1 in 10 young people experience a mental health disorder (Green et al 2005)
  • Over half of all mental ill health starts by age 14 and 75% develops by age 18 (Murphy and Fonagy 2012)
  • Anxiety and depression are the most common mental health difficulties and these have high co-morbidity (Green et al 2005)
  • School learning, stress tolerance, confidence, motivation, personal relationships will be adversely affected (Layard 2008)

Let’s Stop the Cycle now, come along to this workshop to empower you and your child to:

  • Understand how to recognise anxiety, how it might affect your child
  • Some simple neuroscience, the stress response  (Flight and Fight)  and the role of the Amygdala.
  • Understand common traps you may get into with the anxiety, how you might make it worse
  • Go into battle with anxiety and identify the different types of anxiety
  • Understand to reframe the negative thoughts, understand emotion coaching, teach your child how to talk to anxiety. How to control the worry monster.
  • Some tips on how to help your child self-soothe/regulate and lots of tips to manage and prevent anxiety
  • Ask questions to a clinician with over thirty years of experience in mental health in a safe and small group setting

Details of the Workshop
No more than 9 parents/carers will attend this workshop (no children) so it will be small and intimate, enabling parents to ask questions, share and feel safe.

For more information about this workshop please visit https://bristolchildparentsupport.co.uk/event/lets-stop-the-worry-cycle-parent-workshop/

Disclaimer:  This is a generalised workshop for parents/carers and should not be used for treatment only.  It is not the same as having bespoke and individualised sessions you may receive from a licensed provider.  Payment is in advance and non-refundable. You can, however, transfer the ticket to another party at any time if you are unable to attend.