Positive Discipline Parent Workshop, Let’s Feel Connected: Saturday 14th March

Positive Discipline Parent Workshop, Let’s Feel Connected
When: Saturday 14th March, 9.30am-12.45pm
Where: Muller House, Ashley Down, BS7
Cost: £50 per person (handouts, tea, and coffee included).
Tickets: via Paypal (20% discount for partners, please contact Catherine to arrange)

A parenting workshop held by Catherine Coulter from Bristol Child Parent Support who will be drawing on her 19 years in specialist child and adolescent health services, as well as her experiences of being a mum.

Parenting is one of the most challenging and joyful experiences in life. Right now, do you feel you are constantly nagging and repeating yourself? Is love in your family becoming a battlefield, are you finding it increasingly difficult finding strategies for positive discipline?

Research shows parents argue at least 49 minutes a day, the average spat is 8 minutes. Researchers who surveyed 2,000 parents of children aged two to 12 revealed many find themselves falling out with their offspring about what they want to do, eat or drink on a daily basis. It notes that “Parents will ‘win’ just over half of the rows, as six in ten mums and dads admitted they often end up compromising to keep the peace.

So let’s prevent the conflict, arguing, the nagging and learn some Positive Discipline Strategies for a “win-win” for everyone and most of all feel connected and close to your child/ren.

This Positive Discipline workshop will cover:

  • Use parental attention and presence, how to use Play, encouragement, and empathy effectively.
  • Learn Active Listening and problem solving
  • Focus on setting limits without using threats.
  • How to implement effective family rules/meetings
  • Understand your child’s brain and some simple neuroscience and normal child development
  • Manage Big Feelings
  • Understand your parenting Style
  • Time to ask questions and be with other parents who are in the same position as you!

Details of the Workshop:
No more than 9 parents/carers will attend (no children) as a smaller group enables parents to ask questions, share and feel safe.

Within this workshop, the sense of being a “good enough parent” will be promoted and you will be assisted to trust your intuition rather than advice on social media, in books and our thoughts. The support give in this workshop will be grounded in neuroscience, attachment theory and offer lots of strategies.

For more details about this workshop please visit https://bristolchildparentsupport.co.uk/event/positive-discipline-parent-workshop-2/

Disclaimer:  This is a generalised workshop for parents/carers/educators.  Payment is in advance and non-refundable. You can, however, transfer the ticket to another party at any time if you are unable to attend.