Homeschooling during the Coronavirus Crisis: Day 5

As our first week of homeschooling came to an end, so did my children’s motivation.  Therefore I decided to keep things a bit more relaxed today and set my children some home learning tasks of our own, rather than following the school website tasks.  I also used blueberry cake, hot chocolate and Xbox as incentives to get us through the day!

In the morning my son did a short punctuation worksheet, plus a simple arithmetic exercise.  My daughter started writing reviews for all the books she has recently read in her school Reading Journal (she is a huge reader) and also did a simple maths worksheet.

I then taught my son to make tomato soup in the morning loosely using this recipe.  We ate it for lunch; it was delicious and my son was proud of himself!

In the afternoon my little girl decided to do some creative writing and wrote a story about the war.  While she was doing this my boy did some reading aloud to me.

For final task of the day, I set my children each a research project, using the internet. My daughter researched Doctor Barnardo and my son researched Charles Darwin.

I asked them to write bullet points of facts they found about each person and when they had done this, they both started posters.  At this point, their enthusiasm seriously began to wane so we decided to finish our posters on Monday!