Young Bristol School Children Create Heartwarming Video Saying ‘Thank You’ to Our Key Workers

A group of young Bristol school children have created a heartwarming video thanking key workers for looking after the nation during the coronavirus crisis.

Year 1 pupils from Redfield Edge Primary School in Oldland Common created a video which shows children dressed up as different key workers including postal workers, bus drivers, teachers, fire fighters, doctors, nurses, delivery drivers, police officers and more.

The idea for the video came from 5-year old Macie Bryant who wanted to say ‘Thank You’ to key workers working hard during the pandemic. She therefore asked all the pupils in her class to each send a small clip of themselves so that a video could be created and the resulting video is well worth seeing!

Macie’s mum, Sophie, explains: “Macie has been watching the news and clapping on a Thursday evening and wanted to do something to show her appreciation. We messaged the parents of all of her year 1 class at Redfield Edge Primary School, Oldland Common, asking them to send us short video clips of them being all types of different keyworkers and then myself and Macie sat down and put it all together.” 

As well as a great way of saying thanks to key workers, creating the video provided a fun activity during the pandemic. Sophie explains:

“The children had great fun making their videos each one showed a great sense of pride! They were all absolute stars. Making the video has spread fun and joy for the children and their parents in such an uncertain and scary time. We released it to the parents when it was finished and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!” 

Once the video was created Macie and her mum sent it to the school where all teachers were overwhelmed with an enormous feeling of pride that such magic could come from such little people!