“The Great Fire of London”: Free Live-Stream Home Learning Sessions

Would you and your children like to learn about the Great Fire of London? Are you curious to find out how it started, why it got so bad and how it was stopped?

Well, here’s your chance! The Museum for London will soon be hosting a free event all about the Great Fire of London, ideal for both children and adults. The learning activity is presented in 3 parts: “How it began”, “How it was stopped” and “How the fire changed London”, all of which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Grab your whole family and enjoy a private tour of the museum’s Fire! Fire! exhibition, plus ask your questions to a museum curator.

Here are the dates and details of each of the events:

Part 1: The Great Fire of London – How it began
Monday 6th July, 2-2.30pm
Part 1 will explore how the fire started, including what caused the fire and why it got so bad.

Part 2: The Great Fire of London – How it was stopped
Monday 13th July, 2-2.30pm
Part 2 will explore how the fire was fought, including how people reacted and what equipment they used to put the fire out.

Part 3: The Great Fire of London – How the fire changed London
Monday 20th July, 2-2.30pm
Part 3 will explore how the fire changed London, including how people helped each other after the fire, and how London was rebuilt.

To take part in these free live stream events go to The Museum for London’s facebook page just before 2pm on each of the above dates.

Please note that children must be accompanied by an adult whilst watching the stream.