Bristol A.R.C.’s “Animals of the Month”: Dorothy and Kelloggs

This week, after several months of being closed due to covid-19 guidelines, the Bristol Animal Rescue Centre charity, has announced that it has re-opened its doors, ready to start finding new homes for the animals in its care!

Bristol A.R.C. has been caring for the city’s pets and wildlife since 1887, helping, healing and homing over 14,000 vulnerable animals each year.

Although proud to be affiliated with the RSPCA, Bristol A.R.C. receives no automatic funding from it and relies entirely on local support within the community to fund its vital work.

I am pleased to introduce the centre’s “Animals of the Month”, Dorothy and Kelloggs, who both need a new home!

Dorothy is a lovely Bulldog who enjoys attention, cuddles and a nice long snooze.  Dorothy has been with Bristol A.R.C. since January this year, when she was brought in as a stray.

But sadly Dorothy is suffering from two different eye conditions called Cherry Eye and Distichiasis.  She needs at least two operations to treat her poorly eyes, as with most treatments and operations there are no guarantees that the operations will work, but they will provide her with the best chance at a life without daily discomfort.

The centre has currently been able to raise roughly £700 for her medical treatment but that’s only half of what the medical bills will cost.

More details on Dorothy and how to donate to her treatment can be found here (please note that Dorothy won’t be available for adoption until she has recovered from her operations).

Kelloggs is a beautiful male corn snake looking for love.  Poor Kelloggs has been with the centre for a whopping 789 days and he’s ready to find his forever home!

He needs an experienced owner and at least a 4ft x 2ft vivarium with a basking area and a cool area with various hides and branches for him to explore.

You can find out more about Kelloggs here.

Appointments to see animals will be arranged by the centre’s re-homing team once they have processed your adoption form and when you have been ‘pawfectly’ matched to one of the animals.

To see all other animals at Bristol A.R.C. which need to be rehomed, please visit the centre’s website

I know poor Smudge has also been with the centre for 10 months and is keen to get adopted, too!