Picnic at Sharpness Docks, Gloucestershire

If you are a regular reader of Bristol Mum you will know that my family and I often like to explore and discover new places to visit with kids.

We recently visited Sharpness Docks in Gloucestershire to enjoy a picnic and some late summer sun.  There is a free car park, picnic area and viewing point and it is very peaceful there.

In the first photo, you might be able to see the blue Control House for the lock gate at the harbour entrance in the distance.  We didn’t see any ships this day; apparently there are only ships coming in and going out once or twice a day.  You can also see the black viewing point on the grass in the distance.

We sat under a beautiful tree to eat our picnic, taking in the blue sky and enjoying the peace (as peaceful as it can be with a 9-year old doing a marathon gymnastic display).

The picnic area and viewing point at Sharpness Docks is perfect if you fancy a short walk and/or a picnic with kids, plus is not too far a drive from Bristol.

You can find it on Severn Road, Berkeley, GL13 9UF.