Gentle Sleep Workshop for Parents with Children aged 4-12: Saturday 7th November

Online Gentle Sleep Workshop for Parents with Children aged 4-12
When: Saturday 7th November, 9:45am-12:15pm (please attend workshop by 9.50am)
Where: Online
Fee: £38 (via PayPal) and per device/family, you will receive an MP3 recording following the workshop, even if you are unable to attend.

An online workshop via Zoom with Catherine Coulter from Bristol Child Parent Support, who will be drawing on her 20 years in specialist child and adolescent health services, as well as her experiences of being a mum.

  • Are you and your family struggling to sleep?
  • Are you tired?
  • Do bedtimes take over an hour a night and sometimes result in tears and exasperation!

Join Catherine Coulter for a two hour online interactive Parent Sleep Workshop (with time for questions)  to help your child RELEARN how to sleep. During the live workshop, Catherine will share:

  • Simple Sleep Science, tips to help their 24-hour Cycle, (Circadium Rthymn), the role of melatonin, and acknowledging your child may be a lark or owl.
  • Exploring the impact on sleep due to your child’s temperament.
  • How daytime stress and the Coronavirus pandemic affect sleep?
  • How to address your child’s nighttime fears and anxieties? ( Your child will struggle/ resist going to bed if you have not addressed their fears).
  • How diet and screens may affect their sleep?
  • What to do if your child resists going to bed sleep and suffers from night awakenings and nightmares?
  • How to implement a consistent bedtime routine that can last throughout their development?
  • How to work with (not against)  your child to help everyone have a good night’s sleep with evidenced-based techniques such as Bedtime Fading. (The theory behind this sleep training method is simple, children will fall asleep more easily if they are led through a series of predictable, pleasant, quiet, bedtime rituals, many parents give up or are not consistent, is that you?)

Go to Catherine’s Events Page to register and for more information.


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