Blaise Castle Estate: A Natural Playground for Kids

On Sunday afternoon we had a couple of hours to spare so we went to Blaise Castle Estate, in Henbury. I have been here many times, however, we entered it another way this time, next to Henbury Golf Club on Henbury Road.

It really was the perfect walk and my kids had great fun. They discovered interesting things such as a secret door, a ready-made den, an ancient water mill wheel, and a howling stone dog.

To their excitement, they also discovered an amazing natural climbing wall made entirely of tree roots which they loved climbing up!

They also enjoyed using stepping stones to cross the stream running through the woods, balancing on logs, plus running and playing in the acres of beautiful green space within the estate. All this and much more!

Blaise Castle Estate really is a natural playground and what’s more, is free to visit.

Here are some photos below (most taken by my clever son!).