Meeting the Friendly Goats and Exploring the Wartime Gun Battery, Purdown

Roaming an area of Purdown, busily grazing on grass and meeting passers by, live a tribe of friendly goats.

These goats are healthy and in good condition and will happily eat grass from the hands of children keen to feed them as we discovered this week!

The goats are well-looked after by an organisation called StreetGoat with volunteers visiting them everyday to check on them.

We found the goats by via the patch of grass on Shaldon Road, Lockleaze; they live next to the historic wartime gun battery, just along from the telecommunications tower.

The gun battery is now covered in graffiti but an interesting find for older kids nonetheless; my kids enjoyed climbing and balancing on the walls.

After this we walked along towards Stoke Park and enjoyed the views and fresh air at the top of the hill.

If you should visit Purdown to see the goats, you are asked to keep the gates shut at all times and not to bring dogs into the area, for the safety of both dogs and goats.

And, if you fancy meeting some more goats, there some more on the Downs in Bristol; find out more about our own visit to see the goats here.

I would definitely recommend bringing your kids to meet the Purdown goats, it’s free and offers something a little different from the norm!