Paint The Town: a free, family-friendly outdoor show, performed on YOUR doorstep!

Paint The Town is a free, Covid-safe and family-friendly outdoor show for audiences of a maximum of five people, performed on your doorstep.

Piotr Voncrieff, eccentric painter extraordinaire, is searching for the greatest artist of all time. He has travelled far and wide, and is now in Bristol.

Soon, he will be arriving at YOUR door to help you discover your inner artist!

See the poster below to find out when Piotr will be in your area of Bristol, and a time will be organised when Piotr will come round to your front drive, back garden, or doorstep.

Shows run from 10am to 6.30pm, and in your booked time slot, Piotr will arrive and, after a short performance, give you all that you’ll need to create your own masterpiece.

Once you’ve finished, not only will there be a gallery in the windows throughout your community, but an online collection of paintings too.

To book a free show please email

Piotr can’t wait to see what you you’ll create!