Aust Beach: a wild and rugged South Gloucestershire secret

Should you ever fancy a roam on a wild and secret beach with your kids, there’s one not far away!

Aust Beach is a little secret located in South Gloucestershire, on the eastern side of the Severn Bridge.

It is wild and rugged, with its beach bed of shingle, rock and shell, and a popular spot for fossil hunters, too.

Overlooking the beach is the majestic Aust Cliff, and its layers of red, green and grey rock date from the Triassic period.

It is a beach quite unlike any other other beach you have visited before.

To get to the beach, you can park on Passage Road and walk down until you come to a little lane on the right which takes you down to the mud flats.

When we walked along the mud flats it was almost an eerie atmosphere; it was late afternoon, the wind was behind us and it was calm and perfectly still, and oh, so quiet.

My little girl liked checking out the colourful rocks she discovered on the beach, along with some other treasures.

Aust Beach is a great beach for kids to explore, providing they stay away from the cliff lest any stray rocks should fall, and young children should we supervised while walking along the mud flats.

There is also the Severn Bore, a huge wave which sweeps onto the beech several times a month.

Aust Beach is a secret worth discovering!