CBBC star visits Fairfield High School for Black History Month

As part of Black History Month, Fairfield High School (FHS) was privileged to welcome the inspirational and charismatic Shanequa Paris from BBC Newsround who talked to its students about their heritage and background, black icons and the reasons they’re proud to be black.

Fairfield students were, as always, amazing ambassadors for the school and the wider community. See below just some of their heartening comments:

“I’m proud to be black because I’m unique and I stand out.”

“I like being black because I get to experience different opportunities and parts of my culture.”

“Black History Month means a lot because I get to learn about other people’s cultures which are different to mine.”

“I like going back to Jamaica because everyone is so welcoming, the food is yummy and spicy, and it makes me feel happy.”

“I look up to Viola Davis because she conducts herself really well and is a great representative of the black community.”

“I’m really proud of my skin colour because I feel unique and it links me to my roots and heritage.”

“Nigeria means the whole world to me and it makes me feel proud.”

“I look up to Martin Luther King because of his inspiring speech and the fact he gave black people a voice.”

“My family mean the world to me because they’re filled with love and care.”

“Beyonce inspires me because she is a strong and independent woman who incorporates black culture into her music and videos.”

“I’m proud to be black because I know I can achieve many things and I can learn from my ancestors.”

After the filming, Shanequa met some Year 7 students during break time; it was clear they were starstruck and absolutely thrilled to meet the CBBC star.

This forms just a part of Fairfield’s Black History Month celebrations. Other initiatives include assemblies featuring guest speakers, a wide array of door displays focusing on this year’s theme – local luminaries and a bake off competition.