Circus Theatre Performances for Children & Families in Bristol with Circomedia

An exciting array of Circus-Theatre performances suitable for children and adults is coming soon, courtesy of Bristol’s Circomedia.

Circomedia, who also offer “City Circus” – circus skill classes for kids aged 5-18 years – are hosting a range of Circus-Theatre performances to both excite and inspire audiences young and old alike.

Once Upon at Time in a Western

Circomedia performances include a mix of circus, dance and physical theatre. Most performances are non-verbal and sometimes even purely physically based which make them ideal for children as well as an exciting introduction to live performance:

“On My Way”
This performance is suitable for children aged 6+ and follows the journey of one man desperate to create a normal existence in a new place.

On my way_1

In this performance, new methods of theatre will be used, such as slack rope, physical theatre and object manipulation. Here’s a video clip of On My Way.

  • Date: Friday 11th October
  • Time: 7.30pm

“Once Upon a Time in a Western”
Le Navet Bete, the award winning company of four clowns, bring this new show to Circomedia to be enjoyed by grown-ups and children aged 6+.

Enjoy an interactive, fast paced journey across the Wild West as the town of Kidneystone is threatened by outlaw and all round Baddie Loco Pedro who plans to rob the city of all its gold. There will be live music, physical comedy and audience participation in this performance.

Here is a video clip of Once Upon a Time in a Western

  • Dates: Thursday 24th October / Friday 25th October
  • Time: 7.30pm

“Logic of Nothing”

Logic of Nothing1

Pangottic Circus Theatre welcomes you to the world of Oscar Boffin, a slightly obsessive compulsive hoarder and inventor. This is an inspired piece of Circus-Theatre.

Here is a video clip of Logic of Nothing.

  • Date: Wednesday 30th October
  • Time: 7.30pm

“Deep in the Woods”
Aimed at children between 2-5 years, this is a multi-sensory captivating dance experience that allows children to be actively part of the story.

  • Date: Sunday 24th November
  • Time: 2pm

“In a Deep Dark Wood”
Aimed at children aged 5+ years, this is a performance which inspires all of the senses and encourages children to participate.

In a Deep Dark Wood

Here is a video clip of In a Deep Dark Wood

Sunday 24th November 4pm

  • Monday 25th November 4.30pm

If you would like to take your children to any of these performances, please contact Circomedia on 0117 924 7615 / Please do let me know what you think of Circomedia!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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