Smiley Planet: Reinventing Children’s Birthday Parties in Bristol

Smiley Planet The Smiley Party Bags

Children’s birthday parties are great fun for kids but can be hard work, costly and time consuming, not to mention bad for the planet!

Today’s post on Bristol Mum features an interview with two Bristol Mums named Eleanor Williamson and Hannah Price, who have teamed together to form ‘Smiley Planet’, a party hire company which aims to reinvent children’s birthday parties.

Smiley Planet 1

Smiley Planet deliver children’s party essentials to your own home, creating a birthday party which saves parents time and money without compromising on fun or harming the planet. I hope you enjoy reading about Smiley Planet!

Hi! Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

We are Eleanor Williamson and Hannah Price. We are mums living in Bristol and Pill and we run a children’s party hire company called Smiley Planet Children’s Parties.

Smiley Planet Eleanor Williamson

Eleanor Williamson

Smiley Planet Hannah Price

Hannah Price

What have been your personal experiences of being a mum in Bristol?

Bristol is definitely experiencing a baby boom at the moment – there are buggies everywhere! We have totally embraced being mums and love getting involved in the various groups and activities that the city has to offer.

We are lucky that Bristol is a very green city and we are able to take full advantage of the great parks and green spaces close to where we live.

Can you personally recommend any particular activities for children in Bristol?

We love Doodle Tots, a new arts and crafts class in Bedminster. It gives the kids a chance to get creative (and really messy!).

We also love Bubbahub, a lovely little cafe on North Street in Southville. Parents can have a coffee and a catch up whilst the kids have a great time playing. They often have classes and activities to get involved in too.

The Toy Library in Pill is also fun. Hiring out toys is a great way to keep the kids entertained without spending lots of money and buying lots of stuff!

Smiley Planet-Smiley-party-bag

A Smiley Planet party bag

How do you both juggle having a successful business with being a mum?

Juggling certainly is the right word for it! We were very ambitious when we started out and thought we could do everything all at once. We soon realised that being a mum is a full time job but we were still determined to make Smiley Planet work. So with some late nights, busy weekends and very supportive other halves we manage to make things work.

Tell me about Smiley Planet.

Smiley Planet is a party hire company. We deliver children’s party essentials direct to your door including banners, bunting, tableware, party bags and activities.

Smiley Planet Banner in house - lightened

Smiley Planet bunting

Smiley Planet Tableware

Smiley Planet tableware

Our Smiley Party Box contains everything needed to make your home or party venue into a party wonderland. This includes bunting, banners, tableware, napkins and candles plus our popular (free) washing up service.

Smiley Planet Holly and the duck game cropped

Smiley Planet “Holly & the Duck” game

We also offer various boxes to keep party goers entertained. Our Craft Box contains everything you need to throw a great party with a range of different crafty ideas. Our Games Box contains instructions and accessories for 5 fun, age appropriate, party games. Our Play Box allows you to pick 5 items from our hire list to keep your little ones entertained. Items include a bubble machine, play parachute, outdoor games and loads more.

We also provide eco-friendly, ethically sourced party bags and prizes. 

Smiley Planet Inside the party bags

Inside a Smiley Planet party bag

What inspired you to start your own business?

We are both passionate about sustainability and when we had children we realised just how important it is that our children and their children get to grow up in a world that has not been spoilt by previous generations. Children’s parties are one aspect of bringing up children that really seems in need of an eco-makeover!

Kids parties have become synonymous with over-buying, over-eating and over-loading on plastic junk and disposables. We set up Smiley Planet to show other parents that there is an alternative to the consumerist lifestyle we are pushed into. Throwing your child an amazing birthday party does not have to mean spending lots of money on junk. We want to help busy parents to ditch the disposables, reduce the rubbish and create a birthday celebration packed with fun and smiles all round.

What were the first steps in setting up your business?

The first thing we did was to do some market research. We loved the idea but we needed to make sure that others felt the same. We surveyed other parents and were encouraged to find that most shared our passion for the environment.

Smiley Planet Salt dough letters - kiri and bobby

Smiley Planet salt dough letters

We also discovered that when it came to birthday parties parents were keen to find great ideas that didn’t break the budget. This research inspired us to put together our packages of products and services.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We really hope that your readers will share our vision to reinvent children’s birthday parties. If you like the sound of what we do please join us on Facebook where we are busy filling our page with free advice, great party ideas and delicious party food recipes. For more information on what we offer please visit our website at

If you would like to contact Smiley Planet, you can do so via the following:

Phone: 07740 354 189
Twitter: @Smiley_Planet

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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