A Visit to Bristol Central Library with my Children

If you haven’t yet visited Bristol Central Library with your children, then I advise you to do so. The Children’s Library there is a great place to spend a few hours and introduce your child to the world of books.

What’s more, just like every other library, it is free.

Central Library 039

The Children’s Library at Bristol Central Library is bright, colourful and spacious, having been recently redesigned and refurbished.

There are tables with paper and crayons if children fancy a spot of drawing.

Central Library 009

A wealth of books for kids of all ages and stages.

Central Library 031

There is also a pirate ship for children to sit in or steer which my little boy loved.

Central Library 026

Aside from books, there are also children’s comics and DVDs. My son preferred the comics to the book; doesn’t matter, as far as I’m concerned it is still introducing him to stories and reading.

Central Library 041

Though he did really like the DVD collection, too!


There is an area specifically for babies and crawlers with large cushions and soft seating. There is also a computer area for older children.

There are lots of free weekly activities for babies and children at Bristol Central Library; I will write about these on Bristol Mum very soon.

We had a great afternoon at Bristol Central Library, it is a fantastic space for babies and children to enjoy.

If you would like more information about the Children’s Library at Bristol Central Library, please click here.  

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