A Tesco finest* Food Evening


I was recently invited along to a free Tesco finest* Food Evening at Bristol Golden Hill Superstore to sample the new range of Tesco finest* foods. I love trying new foods so this was an opportunity I was NOT about to turn down!

Tesco Food Evenings are held regularly and are free and open to anyone.


At the Food evening we were given a short presentation about the new range of Tesco finest* foods. This includes finest Blue Wensleydale, British Crumbed Dry Cured Ham, pasta, chocolate, tea and coffee.


Then it was time to actually taste some of the new finest* products! This included sampling some of the new range of finest* single origin chocolate and exploring the range of different flavours. This included Peruvian Dark (fruity with berry notes), Ecuadorian Milk (sweet and malty) and Madagascan (rich & roasted). Delicious indeed!


It was a good evening and I enjoyed tasting the new range of Tesco finest* foods. Tesco finest* Foods are definitely a touch above other food.

Everyone who attends a Tesco Food Evening gets a goodie bag to take home. My goodie bag included Tesco finest* foods such as Wild Mushrooms, linguine, Mature Blue Stilton and Ecuadorian Chocolate! This provided our meal the following evening 🙂

If you would like to join Tesco for a finest* Food Evening, you can sign up at here.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was gifted an invitation to the Tesco food evening and the goodie bag of food in return for writing this post.

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