Discovering the World of Farm Cafes! First stop: Newton Farm Cafe


It is not much fun being stuck inside with your kids on a rainy day. We were in such a situation last week, a situation made all the more miserable as we had been planning to meet up with friends for a picnic.

We still wanted to meet up with our friends however our options were limited due to the weather in Bristol. Our friends’ children are also older than mine and while my children would happily spend a few hours in a soft play venue, their children would be too old.

However, every cloud has a silver lining and if it weren’t for the particularly grey and stormy clouds on that rainy day, my kids and I would not have been introduced to the world of Farm Cafes!

Farm cafes are a great idea for a day out on sunny days and not so sunny days and with children both little and not so little!

Our friends decided to meet at the farm cafe at Newton Farm Foods, a family-run farm in Newton St Loe, a tiny village on the edge of Bath. When we arrived my children soon discovered to their delight a sow and her piglets!


We then went to the Farm Cafe to wait for our friends. The cafe is inside the farm’s shop which is fit to bursting with gorgeous looking food items for sale. My children loved looking at all the different foods in the shop.




When my friend arrived along with her husband and two children, the staff were friendly and obliging and didn’t do that horrified/scared look when all children exuberantly explored the shop.

On the cafe menu were a range of breakfasts, as well as vegetarian options, sandwiches and toasties. There were several children’s options as well as adults.  Gluten free bread and cakes are also available. All food is fresh and sourced from the farm or locally.

We devoured some delicious lunches…



The weather had at this point taken a turn for the better and as the children were getting a little fidgety, we grabbed the opportunity to explore Newton St Loe. It is a beautiful village of the picture postcard variety, complete with beautiful views, gorgeous houses, thatched cottages and a lot of history.




We discovered a little play park and the kids played happily enjoying the break in the rain and the fresh air.



We returned to the cafe an hour or so later to warm up with a hot drink and some delicious cake. I had the spiced mince cake (like a mince pie only in the cake variety) and my children shared a wedge of Lemon Drizzle. I can assure you that both cakes were fantastic. Well, I had to try a little of theirs too!

I am so glad we made the discovery of farm cafes. You can’t spend hours in a farm cafe with children as they have a limited shelf life on their ability to occupy them. But farm cafes are something nice to do on a rainy day and on sunny days, too.

Farm cafes are also a great opportunity to get kids out into the countryside if only for a couple of hours. They are also great for older children who have passed the age and stage of soft play. My children and my friend’s children certainly enjoyed our day out.

Newton Farm Cafe was our first stop on our discovery of the world of farm cafes. Which farm cafe will be next?

Follow Bristol Mum to find out!

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