Free Activities for Babies & Young Children at Bristol Libraries

Central Library 041

Libraries are a great place to take babies and children of any age. They introduce children to the world of books and offer vast and varied learning opportunities. What’s more, libraries are free to visit.

But did you know that most libraries in Bristol hold weekly free activities for babies and children as well?

Activities include “Storytime” sessions for children aged under 5 and “Baby Bounce & Rhyme” sessions for babies & children aged 0-18 months.

Central Library 039

Baby Bounce and Rhyme 

Baby Bounce & Rhyme sessions involve singing and rhyming and clap-a-long fun using traditional and modern nursery rhymes. These sessions are aimed at babies and toddlers aged 0 – 18 months and last around 30 minutes. Older siblings are welcome too.

Baby Bounce & Rhyme sessions aid a baby’s language development, help them begin to understand the world around them as well as strengthening the bond between parents/carers and children.

Click here to find the Baby Bounce & Rhyme session nearest to you.

Central Library 009

Arty activities at Bristol Central Library


Storytime sessions provide a fun way of introducing your child to reading. Storytime sessions are most suitable for children over 18 months old and are a follow on from Baby Bounce & Rhyme, however, libraries don’t mind if you come to both.

I have taken my kids to several Storytime sessions at our local library (you can read about our experiences here). A Storytime session involves a library staff member reading brightly illustrated picture books to the children present and often singing traditional and more modern nursery rhymes too. There is often an arty crafty activity at the end of the session. Storytime sessions are fun and interesting and always keep my children’s attention.

Click here to find the Baby Bounce & Rhyme and Storytime session nearest to you.




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