A Sparkling Clean House with Mopp Cleaning

mopp-logoWhen Mopp recently contacted me with an offer of a free house clean in exchange for a review on Bristol Mum, I could hardly refuse!

I do struggle a little to keep my house clean. As well as having two young children, I am busy with writing Bristol Mum and Bishopston Mum. I therefore have little free time and so have to be choosy as to how I spend it and cleaning comes lower down on my list of priorities.

However, I do like a clean house and need the house to be a certain standard of cleanliness and order for me to be able to relax, especially if we have visitors due round.

Mopp is a cleaning company with a difference. Using Mopp’s online booking system, within a couple of minutes, you can arrange for an experienced cleaner to clean your house on a day and time that is convenient for you. Mopp are available for weekly, fortnightly or simply one-off cleans and charge just £10 per hour.

To organise for a Mopp house clean, you simply start by typing in your post code, then you choose whether you want a weekly, fortnightly or one-off clean, how long you want the clean for, e.g. 2 hours, the time and date that you would like your clean and then you pay online. Easy as!

All Mopp cleaners have been interviewed, double referenced checked and have at least 6 months experience of cleaning.


My cleaner arrived on time as arranged. Her name was Alexandra and she was friendly, polite and pleasant. Alexandra was also very capable and seemed happy to just get on and clean the house without much instruction from me which was great as I had work to do.

Alexandra started on the kitchen and cleaned it thoroughly, including the oven which is something I do rarely. Have a look at my sparkling clean sink 🙂


Apart when the kitchen was first fitted, I have never seen my kitchen as clean and shiny as it was after Alexandra had finished with it.


Alexandra cleaned downstairs and upstairs, as well as our bathroom, including the shower doors, something else that I am not very good at doing regularly.

I was really pleased with the finished result. My mum was due round that afternoon and I was tempted to not tell her that I had a cleaner and take all the credit for the sparkling house myself!

I did come clean to her, however, I probably wouldn’t have been quite so honest had it been my mother in law coming round 😉

I will definitely use Mopp again. While I personally can’t justify having a regular cleaner (however much I would dearly love one), next time the cleaning gets on top of me and we have people coming to visit, e.g. the mother in law, I will be booking a one-off clean with Mopp. It felt great to have a clean house and to be able to get on with my day without that nagging thought in my mind that the house needed cleaning.

If you would like to arrange for your house to be cleaned, I thoroughly recommend using Mopp!

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