Egg-citing Easter Crafts for Children

Ruby's bunny

Today on Bristol Mum are some Easter crafts from Sue Hammond at The Creation Station, Frampton Cotterell. Enjoy making them with your kids!

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Everyone knows that creativity is important for little ones. Not only do creative activities allow young imaginations freedom to flourish, but they also develop fine motor skills and the techniques needed for good pen skills. But I hear you say…

“I’m rubbish at drawing…”

“I don’t know where to start, I’ve run out of ideas…”

“We don’t have any craft stuff…”

Don’t give it a second thought; the answer is here.

Easter crafts are always a brilliant choice for children’s art subject – colours, shapes…they have it all. Perfect for resolving those boredom moments. Simple but effective..

Magic Sticking

finished eggs

This is the perfect craft for home; simple with no mess.

I’ve used black sugar paper but you can use any paper; a page from a magazine, newspaper, wrapping paper in fact whatever you have to hand. Fold the paper in half and cut, or tear an oval shaper slightly narrowing at the top to make it an egg shape). You can use both bits – a nice large space to cover or cut/tear bit out of the egg shape for a different effect.

egg template

Then stick the ‘eggs’ on to Book Covering (sticky back plastic), then fill the gap with bits of tissue, cellophane, sweet wrappers. When it’s all covered, just put another piece of book covering over the top and trim.


Of course you don’t need to limit yourself to Easter Eggs, this could be just the beginning.

Easter Bunnies

Ruby's bunny

Nip to your local DIY store and pick up some lining paper; 10 metres of painting/drawing paper for under £5. Cut two rectangles of paper. On one rectangle have fun drawing around a plate to make a lovely circle. Now cut, or tear this out (it is easier if you fold the paper in half). You should have a perfect hole. Lay this on top of the other rectangle and fix in place with a little tape or bluetac.

Then let the fun begin…

Painting bunny

You can paint with brushes, sponges (these can be cut into all sorts of shapes), cotton reels. Lego, string and even stickle bricks! Don’t have a fancy paint palette, just use an empty egg carton or muffin tin or just squeeze the paint directly on the paper.

painting feet

Remove the template and look at the lovely circle. Now for some fun, your Bunny needs ears! Easy…paint for feet and stand on the paper. When the paint is dry you can add the face, even add some sparkles.

*    *    *    *

For more ideas and info on arty crafty classes and parties, check out The Creation Station, Frampton Cotterell’s Facebook Page.

Or, you can email

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