We Are Family Afternoons: Regular Free Activities at Bristol’s Arnolfini


On the last Saturday of every month, Bristol’s Arnolfini hosts regular free activities for children and families. Along with free family film screenings, there are also ‘We Are Family’ afternoons.

We are Family Afternoons are held in Arnolfini’s Light Studio and are filled with free art craft activities for all of the family to enjoy, which explore Arnolfini’s exhibits and events. Activities are ideal for children aged 5+, however, all ages are welcomed. There are artist volunteers to help and encourage when needed.

My children and I recently went along to one of the We Are Family afternoons at Arnolfini. My little girl loves all things arty crafty on arriving she was immediately off, immersing herself in the paints, rollers and art materials that were on offer.


But my little boy is not being really into art activities and he is also a little shy, especially of new places, people and activities. Despite our best efforts in trying to encourage him to join in, he hung back.

However, a lovely volunteer called Amy made a real effort to involve him. On discovering they shared a love of Doctor Who, Amy spent ages sketching Daleks, the Tardis and Doctor Who monsters galore much to his delight.



With her patience, Amy managed to not only pique my son’s interests in the art craft activities at Arnolfini that afternoon, but to get him actively involved.



My children really enjoyed the We Are Family event at Arnolfini. The artists were helpful, enthusiastic and patient with the children and there was a fantastic amount of great art and craft materials for the kids to use.

It was a fun way of spending our afternoon.

To keep up with dates and times of all Arnolfini’s regular free activities, please check out the Bristol Mum Events Calendar.

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