Keep the Cost of your Food Bill down with mySuperList


If you are a regular Bristol Mum reader, you will know that I tend to focus on exploring and enjoying Bristol with your children in a way which doesn’t cost a lot of money, or even better, is completely free.

Raising kids is expensive enough before you take into account activities and leisure time!

Keeping within the theme of saving money, today Bristol Mum features a sponsored guest post from the money savvy people behind mySupermarket, the free price comparison which helps shoppers to save more, not spend more. Last year mySupermarket launched mySuperList which ensures you never have to overpay again whether you shop in store or online.

Sounds good? Read on to learn more about mySuperList, as well as some money-saving tips perfect for mums and dads.

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We’re all a little but sick of being told that times are tough, budgets are being cut and the economy is sluggish. But what does that really mean for you? Lowering the hemlines on school trousers? One less take away a month? Or are you cutting out the more expensive fresh items in favour of discounted pre-packaged food?

Families are feeling the pinch in every way and one of the starkest costs is your weekly food bill. Since the economic crisis began in 2007, the cost of grocery shops has risen by a third. As we’re all too aware the average income hasn’t risen anywhere near that amount.

This is causing stress in one in four families and 78% of us are concerned about the continuously rising cost of our supermarket bills. The cost of food is out of our control – so how can you make sure that you are getting the most in your trolley without seeing the end number on your receipts increase week on week?

mySupermarket launched in 2006 with the sole aim of helping shoppers save more, not spend more. It’s a price comparison website which is 100% independent – so it is unbiased and gives families a clear, transparent and honest picture of the offers available to them across 85% of the grocery market. It is completely free to use and has helped shoppers save thousands every year.

But times are changing, and in response to the rising costs of living, your shopping habits are changing too. 60% of us now own a smart phone and use it as a mini life organiser- so why not use it as a super savvy shopping assistant too? We launched our app, mySuperList last year. We created it because the way you shop is changing, and we want to make sure you never overpay again no matter how you chose to shop- in store or online. It’s available for both Android and iPhone and it really can help you save time and money.

Here are our favourite saving tips, many of them shared by our users on our blog and Facebook, but add mySuperList to your shopping routine to take your savings to the next level.

Top Tips

Don’t overpay for convenience

Supermarkets are springing up their small, convenience led stores left right and centre. Whilst they can be handy for getting a pint of milk on the way to work – beware making it part of your shopping routine. Prices are NOT necessarily the same in the convenience sized stores as they are in the main supermarkets – you are generally paying a lot more. If you’re not sure you can use mySuperList to scan any product to see how the ‘big store price’ compares.

 scanning image

Swap and Save

This doesn’t always mean swapping brands or down branding to the supermarket’s own labels- but it does mean keeping informed about the best value. Always check the unit prices of products because what you think you know may not be the case at all. Most of the time buying in bulk can work out the best deal, but this can sometimes work in reverse too. We see many examples where you can buy two smaller boxes of a product that works out cheaper than the larger pack.

If you use mySuperList, we work it all out for you and give you the option to “Swap and Save” and view alternative options quickly and easily. You can build your list within minutes and swap back if you decide a product isn’t for you after all.

swap and save

Shop around and cherry pick

Don’t stick to one store as loyalty is not as rewarded as we’d like to think. Many shoppers already take their pick of the best offers and will split their shop to find the best deals. Years ago this would have required more effort as you drove from store to store, but for most of the stores are so close to each other that we can afford to cherry pick according to the stores’ specialities. Also, don’t forget there are other stores out there. Check out local farmer markets and businesses as you’ll often pay less for locally sourced products. If you can split your shop between retailers and support local business, do. You can find a list of markets in Bristol here.

Farmers market

This all sounds like hard work, but use our site and our app when getting your shop organised and you’ll reap the rewards at the end of your shop.

Don’t be caught out, never assume it’s a good deal just because it’s ‘on offer’

We’re bombarded with offers as soon as we walk into store and it may be easier to ask what isn’t on offer from week to week. However, despite a third of the items in our baskets being on some sort of offer, the total on your receipt is still going up. What gives?

Offers aren’t always the sign of a good deal, as this BBC article explains. mySupermarket’s Savvy Buys however, are. We track the price of every item across all the stores- if the offer price is more than 30% off (i.e, a really good saving!) we award it a Savvy Buy badge. You can find Savvy buys on both the mySupermarket website and mySuperList and they’re a fab sign to work out when to stash an item and when to hold off.


Have you been affected by the rising cost of food bills? What are your top tips for making your money go further?