The Outdoors Project: Learning & Play for Kids in Bristol

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Getting your kids out playing in the fresh air benefits them in many ways.

This is the concept behind The Outdoors Project, which offers a range of outdoor adventures to children aged 5 – 12 years through forest schools, after-school clubs, holiday clubs and birthday parties.

Activities include bushcraft survival, NERF battles, Catapult water bomb assault, bouldering and climbing, woodland and environmental games, to name just a few.

The Outdoors Project is also offering activities in St George’s Park and St Andrew’s Park in Bristol this May half-term!

If you think The Outdoors Project is up your child’s street, then please read on!


What are the aims and ethos of The Outdoors Project?

Our aim is to get kids moving.  Skilled instructors teach a range of activities to inspire confidence, teamwork and to stretch imaginations through learning and play. All of our clubs take place in the open air – in local parks and school playgrounds – and kids will be doing anything from building their own shelter to playing good old-fashioned Hide and Seek.

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How did The Outdoors Project start?

Joel Evans, our founder, grew up in America until the age of twelve and spent all his free time playing in the woods building dens and getting muddy. When he became a father to three children (James, Ella and Mia), he felt concerned that they didn’t have the same opportunities and inclination to run around and play outdoors.

Having worked for an outdoor children’s charity and a in several after schools clubs teaching bush-craft and rock climbing, he decided to follow his gut instinct to set up a company where outdoor activity and fresh air were at its heart.


I hear that The Outdoors Project is heading to Bristol?

The Outdoors Project has become very popular in Brighton, where Joel is now based, offering after school clubs and Forest school activities all over the city. The decision to move here was based on Joel’s links to his former hometown and his friendship with Rowan Hibbett who is the Bristol spearhead. Rowan is already up and running with six, full after school clubs and drop-in boot camps at the weekend in local parks.

What activities do you offer children?

We cover everything from woodland games and craft, survival skills and den building to all-out fun events such as water catapulting and Nerf battles. Our sessions are tailored to the venue and we offer after school clubs, drop in boot camps at weekends, holiday clubs, children’s parties and Forest school sessions and workshops. In all our activities we pride ourselves on teaching children respect for their environment, nature…and each other!

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What age range is The Outdoors Project aimed at?

Primary aged children – so from five to twelve.

Please tell me about your instructors.

Our instructors are a diverse and talented bunch with a wide range of life skills and experience. What they all share is a passion for the great outdoors and a willingness to get wet and muddy along with the kids. They’re all fully qualified outdoor pursuits instructors and CRB/DBS checked. Lead instructors have to be First Aid qualified.

Rowan Hibbett, our Bristol head, has a massive array of games and experience. He has worked in the UK and overseas as an Outdoor Instructor, Sea Kayak Guide, Steiner School Teacher and Sports Coach. He has also run lots of after school clubs and birthday parties (with an outdoor theme). Climbing up things, kayaking down things and general exploring tends to keep him happy day-to-day.

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How will The Outdoors Project benefit kids in Bristol?

We believe that children’s stress levels reduce the minute they are in green spaces. In every one of our sessions, the kids will be breathing in fresh air, interacting with nature, taking instruction from skilled coaches, engaging in team-building activities and learning through play. They don’t need to have any special skills or be super confident – everyone will come away having learnt something new and most of all, they will have had fun!

Anything else that you would like to add?

We’re quite new to Bristol and are already getting lots of great feedback and encouragement to spread our wings. If you think we’s go down well in your local area, get in touch at or phone 07722 996025.

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