Wyevale Garden Centre, Thornbury: Free Fun and Learning for Kids


At first glance, Wyevale Garden Centre in Thornbury might not seem an obvious place to take children. However, my kids absolutely love it there!

Situated along the A38 at Milbury Heath, Wyevale Garden Centre is open every day of the week and is free to visit.

My kids enjoy Wyevale because there are lots of interesting things to see and do and they can quite happily spend a few hours there.

Being a garden centre, a lot of Wyevale is outdoors and my kids like roaming around and looking at interesting things, such as scarecrows…



There are lots of ornamental creatures my kids like to look at…


Within the shop there are interesting puppets and other fun things…



There is an aquatic centre at Wyevale which my kids are fascinated by. They love all the brightly coloured fish (and random objects in the fish tanks :)).


DSC03949  DSC03956

There is a small soft play room which adjoins the cafe at Wyevale so you can watch your kids while you have a cup of tea. It is £3 for one hour’s soft play.

Wyevale Garden Centre may sound a slightly unusual idea of somewhere to take kids, but there are lots of interesting things to look at and learn about too, plus a spot of soft play which always goes down well.

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