Wild Place Project, Bristol: Fun, Adventure & Learning for Kids


I recently took my children to the wonderful Wild Place Project in Bristol. Wild Place Project is a new national wildlife conservation park and offers fun, adventure and learning for children and families while working to protect threatened animals.

My children are encouraged to get involved and active right from the start of their visit. They were each handed maps of the Wild place Project and Nature Scavenger Hunts for which they had to hunt for creatures and items of nature such as a holly leaf, a squirrel and a twig shaped like the letter Y.


The Wild Place Project is divided into sections such as ‘Edge of Africa’, ‘Secret Congo’, and ‘Discover Madagascar’. This gave kids the chance to learn about the different countries that you find particular animals and also gave kids (and grown-ups!) a sense of adventure and exploration.


Wild Place 21 (1)

We loved watching the lemurs up close in the ‘Discover Madagascar’ part of Wild Place!




There are also Guinea fowl, African pigmy goats, elands, Boreray sheep, okapi and red river hogs to discover!





Beyond a doubt, my favourite part of the Wild Place Project was ‘Wolf Wood’. Here you have the opportunity to get up close to five European Grey Wolves (safely I might add!). It was a little while before the wolves appeared but it was definitely worth the wait.

Wolf close up 3 (1)

There were plenty of opportunities for my kids to work off excess energy at Wild place. There was a Barefoot Trail to enjoy…


…other play equipment to explore…


My kids particularly loved the Fun Fort, an indoor adventure playground which includes a scatter bridge, climbing wall and fireman’s pole.






There is a good courtyard cafe which we escaped to when there was a spell of rain. There were delicious cakes and free packs of crayons and pictures to colour in for the kids.

Our last stop on our visit to Wild Place Project was the Butterfly Maze which we managed to complete!


If you are interested in finding out more about the Wild Place Project, you can visit the Wild Place Project’s website. If you would like to visit the Wild Place Project, here are some directions.

We had a wonderful visit to Wild Place Project. It is a great place for children and families to visit!

*Disclosure: My family and I were given free tickets to the Wild Place Project in exchange for a write-up on Bristol Mum. However, my views are my own and we all thought the Wild Place Project was great!