Cossham Birth Centre, Bristol: A Mum’s Experience

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If you are a mum-to-be who plans to have a natural labour but want neither a traditional hospital birth or a home birth, then Cossham Birth Centre will offer a welcome alternative. Based in Kingswood, Bristol, Cossham is the first free-standing, midwife led birth centre in Bristol.

Plush new facilities include four en-suite birth rooms, a water pool in each room, a double bed in each room should you want your partner or husband to stay with you after you have given birth, a communal kitchen and dining area with snacks available as well as aids to labour which include TENS and aromatherapy in addition to Entonox and pethidine.

But what better way to find out about Cossham Birth Centre than by a mum who has given birth there? Here are a Bristol mum’s experiences, thoughts and opinions of Cossham Birth Centre, having recently given birth there.
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How did your labour go?                                                                                                                                                                    
The labour was great. Most of it was spent at home watching Homes under the Hammer. However, things progressed quite quickly and we realised we had better make our way to the hospital unless we wanted a home birth! Luckily we had a lovely friend who came over in the middle of the night to look after our little boy! Once we got to Cossham, I got straight into the pool and our lovely boy was born within half an hour of arriving.


Did you originally plan to have your birth at Cossham?

Originally I was going to go to Southmead where I had my first son. It’s only 5 minutes away in the car and the midwives there were great. I thought I’d take a look around Cossham out of interest and was so impressed with the facilities and the staff there, I decided it was definitely the place I wanted to give birth.

What were the facilities like at Cossham?

Amazing. The rooms are all beautiful. They are huge and there is lots in there to help you have a natural birth, such as an exercise ball and what looked like a rope swing! The rooms are low lit so once they fill the pool up it feels almost like a spa! Once I got in the pool it was fantastic and incredibly relaxing. They offer aromatherapy too but unfortunately I didn’t get there in time to take advantage of that.

They also have a menu of food for mums to choose from after the baby has been born.There’s a room for dads to help themselves to tea and toast also.

How did you find the staff at Cossham?

They were absolutely lovely. The care was outstanding. All staff were very friendly and I always felt in very safe hands.

What are the main differences between Southmead Hospital and Cossham?

Well the main thing I was concerned about was that epidural aren’t available at Cossham! There are no doctors so if you do need any intervention or decide you want an epidural, it means an ambulance transfer to Southmead. The staff at Cossham are all big advocates of natural birthing and are obviously well trained to do everything they can to help to with this.

I really liked being able to have my husband stay overnight with me at Cossham. All rooms have a lovely double bed that partners can stay in. It was much nicer than being on my own in a ward at Southmead. It meant I could relax and have a cuppa while my husband did the nappies!

All rooms are en suite so you don’t have to traipse to a shared bathroom. This is a huge benefit after you’ve just had a baby! Plus there’s free parking….as my husband’s a Yorkshireman he loved this! He wasn’t happy about the £15 parking charge at Southmead.

What were your overall opinions of Cosham?

Amazing! I loved it there. Could not find a single fault with the facilities or staff.

Would you be happy to give birth there again?

I would definitely go back there and highly recommend it if you want to have a natural birth.

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For more information about Cossham Birth Centre, please visit the Cossham Birth Centre website.

One response to “Cossham Birth Centre, Bristol: A Mum’s Experience

  1. A very relaxed environment with friendly, welcoming and very caring midwives and members of staff.
    We had our baby boy delivered safely on 15/04/2017 (Easter Saturday) by the lovely Helen. I also can not forget the caring nature of Eloise who we met prior to the delivery of baby and also Diane who made sure we had all that we needed after baby was delivered & before we went to bed that night😊.BLESS THEM ALL!!! Very hard to forget wonderful people and services such as these. I’m sure the other members of staff who we didn’t get to meet are equally as exceptional as their forementioned colleagues.
    Thank you all and God bless xx
    Denise & Benjamin Owusu Ansah (OFORI)

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