New Pieminister Pie Pots: Quick, easy & nutritious


I was recently contacted by Bristol brand Pieminister to ask if I would like to try their latest creation, their new Pieminister Pie Pots, in return for a Bristol Mum review.

As a lover of good, hearty food, I immediately agreed!

black logo on white-page-001The idea behind the new Pieminister Pie Pots is that each pot provides a hot, nutritious meal, with great flavour and healthy ingredients after just 4 minutes in the microwave.

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The new pie pots come in four different flavours:

Meany Bean  Mixed bean, butternut squash and chill with a spicy potato top

Cheeky Chick – Creamy chicken, white wine and leek with a herby potato top

Matador – Beef steak and chorizo with a Spanish spiced potato top

Moo & Brew – Beef steak and craft ale with a herby potato top

lunch cheeky chick

The time between dropping my daughter off at preschool and picking her up a few hours later is precious as this is the only real quality time I have to work on my websites, such as the lovely one which you are currently reading 🙂

Because this time is so precious, the pie pots were great as enabled me to eat a good, healthy lunch (which included veggies too) after only a few minutes in the microwave.

One pie pot gives one perfect size portion for one adult. This is the Cheeky Chick pie pot, for example…

pie 2

I also tried the pie pots on my kids too one evening. I almost always cook a healthy meal from scratch for my kids every evening but on one occasion last week, my husband was away, the kids were playing up, I was tired and I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.

I therefore thought that this would be an ideal time to give them a pie pot for their tea and see what they thought about it.

I served the kids the Matador pie pot. One pie pot was more than enough for both kids and they enjoyed it.

pie 4

I do like Pieminister pie pots. I would have to choose the Cheeky Chick and the Moo and Brew as my personal favourites. They are perfectly sized portions, provide a healthy, hot and nutritious meal with great flavours and only take a few minutes minutes to microwave.

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