A Gleaming House Clean with Gleem, Bristol

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As a mum, I have a lot of things to do and limited time in which to do them.

Looking after the kids, running a house, cooking, cleaning, keeping on top of the laundry, running my own business, seeing my friends – I find it hard to do everything and consequently something often has to give.

Unfortunately, what often gives is cleaning the house; with a million things to do and with limited time to do it all, I have to prioritise and often surface cleaning is all I can manage.

It is always good to access help when and where you can. Having a cleaner can really help you by giving you more time to spend doing the more important things in your life, like spending time with your kids and earning a living!

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This is where Bristol cleaning company Gleem comes in. Gleem prides itself on being a high quality, on demand cleaning company. Set up by Bristolian, Joseph Edwards, Gleem’s cleaners work in teams and asks for feedback following every clean. Gleem also pays its cleaners higher wages and offers them bonuses for good feedback, thus ensuring quality house cleans.

It is quick and easy to book a Gleem house clean, you just go to the Gleem website and pick a time and day that suits you.

This week Gleem came round to my house to do a house clean. The cleaners, Hajnal and Zoltan, arrived on time and were pleasant and polite. They asked if there were any parts of the house that I wished them to concentrate on to which I asked for my bathroom to be given an extra good clean. My bathroom definitely needed a good deep clean and scrub!

Gleem provides its own cleaning materials and equipment and Hajnal and Zoltan had brought a hoover, mop and bucket, cleaning fluids, cloths and gloves.

They then quietly set to work while I went back downstairs to carry on with my work.

Following my house clean two hours later, I went around the house to inspect Hajnal and Zoltan’s efforts.

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I don’t think there is anything quite as lovely as the sight and smell of a newly, thoroughly cleaned house! Hajnal and Zoltan had left my house scrubbed clean, tidy, shiny and literally gleaming.

My bathroom was left shiny and spotless…

Gleem 6

Gleem 7

I noticed that even things like skirting boards had been cleaned; it’s exactly this type of deep cleaning that I often just don’t have the time to do.

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The cleaners had also left a Gleem Clean checklist on the kitchen counter which detailed exactly where and what had been cleaned. Along with the checklist were also some money off vouchers for my next house clean, plus two little bags of lavender which was a nice touch.

I am genuinely pleased with my Gleem house clean. Having a thoroughly clean house has made a huge difference to my week and I thoroughly recommend Gleem to other busy parents.

If you would like to book a one-off or regular house clean with Gleem, visit https://www.gleem.co.uk/ to book a time and day convenient to you.

* Disclosure: Gleem Clean cleaned my house in exchange for a review on Bristol Mum. However, my views and opinions are my own and I was really pleased with the house clean which Gleem provided.