Sydenham Road Under Fives Toddler Group, Totterdown: A Bristol Mum Review

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Today, Bristol Mum features a review from a reader who attends Sydenham Road Under Fives, a toddler group based at Totterdown Baptist Church on Wells Road, Bristol.

This group runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.15 – 11.30am and is £3 per child with additional children charged at £1. 

Sydenham Road

What age range is Sydenham Road Under Fives aimed at/ideal for?

It is aimed at children under fives, but there are mainly toddlers there.

How big is the group?

It varies each week, could be about 20 children, sometimes less and sometimes more.

What’s the venue like?

It’s in a church hall which is quite big. The baby/soft play are is cornered off, whilst the rest of the hall has mats with different play things on.

What toys and activities are available?

There are lots of toys for toddlers, including Little Tike cars, crafts and a soft play corner for the younger children.

What is the routine of the group? 

Free play, story time, snack time, grown-up cuppa, tidy up time, singing – which starts off sitting a circle and then more active ones standing up.

What are the snacks for parents and children?

For children they have bits of fruit, water or milk (which they all sit down for) and for the adults there is tea, coffee and biscuits ( this is 10p for two biscuits).

Is it a friendly group or did it take a while to get to know other parents/carers?

Everyone is very friendly.

What’s your child’s favourite part of the group?

She likes the singing at the end as well as watching the older children run around.

In you opinion what are the best bits and the worst bits about this group?

Worst bits: It seems to cater more for toddlers and would be nice to have more babies. There are also steps down into the hall.

Best bits: The singing varies each week and its a great place for children to mix and it feels safe.

Sydenhm Road Under Fives
Totterdown Baptist Church,
Wells Road,


Phone 0117 377 8665