New Bristol Giants’ children’s book explains mystery behind boats in Leigh Woods

Image from Bristol Giants The Severn Seas

Following the successful first book, Goram & Ghyston the second Bristol Giants’ book will launch this Saturday 9th May and will be available to download for free.

The Bristol Giants & the Severn Seas written by Oliver Rigby and illustrated by Tom Bonson follows Goram & Ghyston’s adventures and shares the story of how the Withdrawn boats came to be in the middle of Leigh Woods to the surprise of children across Bristol.

Ghyston, may have won the heart of Princes Avona, the most beautiful girl in the land at the end of book one but he now must keep his giant beard clean to please her. While bathing in the Severn Estuary, Ghyston plays a game of Pirates with five kind fishing boats.

After they play, the wisest boat, Greygull explains to the friendly giant that all the fish and fisherman have left the waters and asks that they are returned to the woods and trees from which they were made.

Greygull and the four other fishing boats can be found in Leigh Woods, right where Ghyston left them, as part of Luke Jerram’s latest project, Withdrawn in partnership with the National Trust.

The Bristol Giants

Author, Oliver Rigby, explains:

“Our first book brought a forgotten local folklore, of how the Avon Gorge was made, back to life through the legend of Goram and Ghyston. We wanted children’s imaginations to run wild, encouraging them to learn more about the local landscape and the city they live in.

“Now, this second story encourages children to think about how these boats have ended up in the woods. The idea is that if parents read the story to their children at bedtime and then surprise them the next day with a visit to Leigh Woods they can discover the playful fishing boats and bring the story to life.”

You can download your free copy of The Bristol Giants & the Severn Seas from from Saturday 9th May.

At 10am that day, author, Oliver Rigby will perform a free reading of the book to the public in the Bristol 2015 Lab on Bristol’s Harbourside. Families will then be encouraged to visit nearby Leigh Woods so children can discover the fishing boats for themselves.

Withdrawn is open at Leigh Woods from 9am – 5pm until 6th September.