Interview with Seonaid Birkett, Owner & Manager of the new Kip McGrath Education Centre in Bristol

Today on Bristol Mum is an interview with Seonaid Birkett, owner and manager of the new Kip McGrath Education Centre. The centre opened in Bristol earlier this month and offers after-school tuition in maths and English for students aged 6 – 16.

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Hi Seonaid, congratulations on the opening of the Kip McGrath Education Centre in Bristol. Please tell us more!

I am delighted to announce that Bristol’s first Kip McGrath centre opened this month. The centre is based on Portwall Lane in Redcliffe and provides professional maths and English tutoring for students aged 6-16.

Please tell readers a little about your own teaching experience and background.

I am the new centre owner and am also qualified to teach at the centre. My background is in languages, business and education, and I have successfully owned and managed BLC (Bristol Language Centre) for 11 years, where the Kip McGrath centre will be based on Portwall Lane.

BLC is a quality English language school, which is accredited by The British Council and exceeded expectations in all areas in its 2014 ISI inspection. The launch of the Kip McGrath Education Centre seemed a natural extension of the existing business.

What age range does the Kip McGrath Education Centre offer tuition to?

Kip McGrath accepts students aged 6-16.

What areas of learning can you help children and young people with?

The Kip McGrath programme is designed to support students in English and maths. The programme can support children whatever their level or needs. Some students come to the centre because they require a catch up programme, whereas others just come for some additional support and confidence.

How is a child’s individual programme of learning designed and planned?

Kip McGrath Bristol Central offers a free, no obligation assessment to students. Using this, I will assess the student’s level in English and maths and design an individual programme to support their learning needs based on the Kip McGrath programme.

How do classes work?

Each Kip McGrath session is 80 minutes and students usually come to the centre once or twice a week. The 80 minute sessions are made up of 10 minute activities, focusing on different areas of study and different activity types, with some additional time for changes and a game at the end of the session.

So, a typical session in English, for example, could consist of reading, comprehension, spelling and vocabulary activities, to suit all types of learning. Many of the activities will be computer based with a maximum of five students attending any one session. Each student in the session will be working on an individual programme with the guidance and support of the tutor.

Kip McGrath programmes have been carefully designed to support students of all levels and abilities to progress and reach their potential. At the same time, the sessions are fun and an opportunity for students to work in a group and meet other students with similar needs. Using this system, students gain confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

Does the centre cater for learning needs, for example, dyslexia?

Kip McGrath programmes are designed to support students with learning needs. As Kip McGrath tutors, we have developed techniques and strategies that allow children to learn and progress, whatever their needs

If Bristol Mum readers are interested in organising some extra tuition for their children, how should they contact you?

You can contact me by phone or email to book a free assessment. The Kip McGrath Bristol Central number is 0117 929 2233, or email You can also book online at There is also a Kip McGrath Education Centre Bristol facebook page.

Before we close, is there anything else that you would like to add?

Kip McGrath is a really fantastic programme with an excellent reputation all over the world. I am really excited about supporting the Bristol community in a new way and have already had a lot of interest from local parents.