Introducing The Great Brockeridge Toddler Cafe, Westbury-on-Trym


If you are a mum, dad or carer of young children in or near Westbury-on-Trym, the new Great Brockeridge Toddler Café will be of interest.

Suitable for children from newborn up to school age, the Great Brockeridge Toddler Café is open Monday and Friday from 9.15am – 2pm and offers lots of toys and activities, as well as delicious féood and snacks for all. It is also free entry.

The Great Brockeridge Toddler Café has been set up by Katie Fuge, a local childminder who had been frustrated by the lack of baby and toddler activities which encompassed everything that she was looking for in local activities for young children.

Katie explains:

“I have been a childminder for the past 3 years and have struggled to find anywhere locally which offers a wide range of toys and resources, as well as tasty, reasonably priced food and drink, on an informal drop- in basis.

“In a former life I was a hotel manager and pub landlady so this links my hospitality experience with my love of small children. Plus I enjoy providing a community resource which is already valued by local parents.”

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Activities for babies at the Great Brockeridge Toddler Café include a designated corner for babies with bouncy chairs, a baby activity centre and plenty of baby toys.

For toddlers and pre-schoolers there are ride on and push along toys, physical play such as seesaw and slides as well as creative play activities such as stickers and play doh, plus a role play area with shop, kitchen and dressing up, a book corner, and construction and small world play.

There will also be other regular one-off fun activities such as visits by children’s activity groups offering free taster sessions of their activities.

Great Brockeridge Toddler Café boasts lots of space indoors, plus there is also a large garden which parents and young children will be able to enjoy if it is sunny.

What’s more, there are lovely refreshments and food available for both children and adult visitors to the café.




A range of teas and coffees, cakes, sandwiches and light lunches such as soup or jacket potatoes are served, plus there is also a toddler buffet where parents can choose five items for their children for £2.95.

There are also special sharing platters designed for a parent and child to share, which includes a generous serving of savoury and sweet treats for £8.95.

As a parent or carer of young children you will know that visiting new groups for the first time can be daunting. However, be assured that if you visit the cafe you will receive a warm welcome by a volunteer who will also explain how the cafe works. Breastfeeding mums are also very welcome.

So far the Great Brockeridge Toddler Café has been very popular with local parents and carers and launch day was a success. Katie explains:

“Opening day went really well and I was delighted by the support we received. There was a happy, buzzy atmosphere and everyone seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves.” 

If you would like to find out more about Great Brockeridge Toddler Café, please visit