Oldbury Court Play Park: A Bristol Mum Review


Surrounded by woodland and green space of the Oldbury Court Estate in the BS16 area of Bristol, is a fantastic play area for children aged 0 – 13.

Just 3 miles from the centre of Bristol, this play area includes water and sand play zones. For older, more adventurous children there is challenging and exciting play equipment such as a zip wire, dish spinner, castle and rope bridge.

And, for younger toddling children, there is also great play equipment for their age group, including a toddler spinner, swings, springies and more.

IMG_0876My nearly 7-year-old is coming to the age of finding nearly growing out of a lot of play parks so it was good to find such a challenging, exciting play park to interest him.

He particularly liked the Archimedes screw which propelled water around in the water zone; he is fascinated in engineering at the moment so this was right up his street.

The play area is enclosed and, nearby, there is also a woodland den area, logs, lots of grass and picnic tables to sit at.

My kids had great fun exploring and playing in the trees in the wooded area. There is also a good walking area if you have a child in a buggy.

IMG_0873This park is free admission and is open at all times. There is plenty of free parking, too.

The new play area at Oldbury Court is great for kids with all its space of space and exciting play equipment to get stuck into. The play park felt safe and the people seemed very friendly.

It is definitely worth a visit!

Oldbury Court Play Area,
Oldbury Court Estate,
Bristol BS16 2QX