Colston’s Primary School, Cotham: a Bristol Mum review

Finding the right school for your child is important and so it is helpful to be armed with as much information as possible when looking into possible schools. This is why Bristol Mum often features reviews by local parents of primary and secondary schools in Bristol.

Today’s review is by a mum who has a 6-year-old daughter who is in Year 2 at Colston’s Primary School which is situated in Cotham (BS6) and rated as a ‘Good’ school by Ofsted in its last inspection.

Was Colston’s Primary School your first choice and if so, why?

My daughter got a sibling place for reception (first choice) at another Bristol primary school, but I have just moved her to Colston’s Primary School – due to issues my son had in years 5 and 6. As an in year admission it was my second choice. However, I am extremely happy with it and she is very happy there indeed!

What are the positive aspects of this school?

Musical opportunities, good academic attainment, good senior leadership team, active PTA, limited bullying, great extra-curricular activities, no uniform, great breakfast, after school and holiday club.

What (if any) are weaknesses of this school?

Haven’t found any yet, but we have only been there a term so far. Head teacher has just left so that may change things – or not!

What do you think of the school building, facilities and size of the school?

Colston’s Primary School is big and spacious, especially compared to her previous school, lots of outside play space too. Great breakfast, after school and holiday club. Easy to park.

What do you think of the staff?

Haven’t had much experience yet, but find the staff approachable and helpful and really like her year 2 teacher. The year 2 teacher at her previous school would shout at her a lot and she would say “mummy it makes me want to cry when she shouts at me”. Hence another reason for moving her. Liked the head teacher who has just retired.

What are the school’s values?

Democracy, Equality, Equity, Self-help, Self-responsibility, solidarity.

Does your daughter receive homework/reading/tasks do do at home?

Optional homework and some reading expectations, but she loves this.