Turtle Tots Underwater Photography Shoot for Babies & Toddlers on 25th July

thumbnail_Uwater photoshoot BM

If you would like an underwater photograph of your baby or toddler, you may be interested in a special Turtle Tots Bristol, Bath and West Wilts underwater photo shoot taking place on Monday 25th July.

You can bring your little one along to the photo shoot even if you don’t swim with Turtle Tots as the session is open to all Bristol mums and dads.

If you would like to bring your baby along, here are a few hints and tips to help you make the most of your session:

What to  expect at the shoot

Turtle Tots run the photo shoot sessions as a class so it is a familiar environment to your baby and should put them at ease. Although the photo shoot is open to everyone, it is preferred that your baby has had some professional swimming lessons so they have an idea of what to expect.

The Turtle Tots team will also take your baby under in front of the camera a few times so as to get a mix of shots for you to choose from and offer a range of options for buying photographs according to what you can afford.


Sibling love

If you have an older child and would like to try to get a photo of the two of them underwater, Turtle Tots are happy to try to accommodate this so check out the Turtle Tots Facebook page for some examples from previous photo shoots.

Fancy dress

While your little one is required to wear a swim nappy and neoprene over nappy to avoid leaks, you are still welcome to dress up your baby up in fancy dress! The Turtle Tots team often bring props that you can use, including fancy dress outfits, however, please feel free to bring along your own too.

thumbnail_AJC_6455 edit webThe perfect photo

While it isn’t always possible to get that perfect Nirvana album cover shot, that isn’t to say that each underwater photo isn’t perfect in its own way. Even if they aren’t smiling or they have an arm in front of their face they are still amazing moments in time and capture your amazing little one ‘doing their thing’.

Buying your photos

Turtle Tots photo shoots offer good value for money – the cost to book onto the session is £40 which secures your spot and then photos start at £27 for a print, £78 for one £109 for all digital copies.

For example, if you have lots of grandparent’s birthdays coming up then digital copies mean you can order your own photo-themed gifts and will probably work out better value in the long run.

To book your little one a spot at the Turtle Tots photo shoot on 25th July in Bristol, please email bristolbathwilts@turtletots.com.