Strange Snail Discovery Boxes: Creative, fun & hands-on learning for kids


One of the most effective type of learning activities for children is though hands-on, fun activities which enable children to get creative!

Strange Snail discovery boxes enable children to explore exciting and educational topics through a monthly themed box full of crafts and simple projects.

Strange Snail release a new themed discovery box every month. There are Strange Snail discovery boxes such as ‘Planets and Stars’, ‘Endangered Animals’ and ‘Olympics’ discovery boxes, for example.

The craft materials in each month’s Strange Snail discovery box always differ according to the particular theme.

This month I arranged for my little girl to try a Strange Snail discovery box in return for a review on Bristol Mum. The Strange Snail theme this month was ‘Planets and Stars’.Strange Snail logo

When my little girl’s Strange Snail box arrived she was VERY excited to open it to say the least. She was even more delighted to find that it contained colourful craft materials galore such as paints, modroc, shiny silver paper, stickers, art straws, glue, tissue paper and more!



There were three different crafts projects to enjoy in the Planets and Stars Strange Snail activity box which kept her busy over several weeks: Stars in a Jar, Mod Roc Planet and Amazing Solar System.

There was also some coloured glossy information for my daughter in the box with information about our solar system, and the moons, planets, dust and gas that are in it.

There were clear and simple instructions in the box for each of these crafts.

In these photos my daughter is doing the Stars in a Jar craft project…





Every Strange Snail discovery box links to the national curriculum, including Maths, Science, History, plus Art and Design and there are instructions for parents within each box on how to make these links with your child, such as things to talk about and questions to ask.

There are also ideas to inspire even more tangents of fact-finding and learning for children to do in addition to the craft projects.

There are also music suggestions on the Strange Snail Facebook page for your child to listen to while she or he crafts.

Strange Snail discovery boxes are great for other family members to join in with also. Here are some photos of my husband and daughter making the Mod Roc Planet!




photo (49)

Another advantage of a Strange Snail discovery box is that just about all of it – including the box that all the materials come in – become part of the activities so there is no waste!

The craft materials in Strange Snail discovery boxes are of good quality, such as the paints and the coloured paper. The discovery box even included a little light for the Stars in a Jar activity!


My daughter absolutely loved her Strange Snail discovery box and it introduced her to learning about planets and stars in a way that excited and inspired her.

The craft materials included are of great quality and activities are great fun as well as educational. They are also simple to do and not fiddly.

If you would like to buy a Strange Snail discovery box for your child, there are a variety of different sized discovery boxes available, ranging from a taster box for £4, a two-activity box for £10 to a full discovery box for £15. Discovery boxes can be bought individually or as a monthly subscription.

Strange Snail discovery boxes offer good solid craft projects which are great fun and which will keep your kids busy for weeks at a time.

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