The History Detectives: A new Kids’ Summer Holiday Club at Kingswood Heritage Museum


If you have a child aged between 7 – 11 who is a budding historian or archaeologist, you will be interested to hear about “History Detectives”, a new kids’ Summer holiday club at Kingswood Heritage Museum!

‘History Detectives’ gives children the opportunity to investigate many aspects of local and national history through two-hour sessions which are held at the Museum every Thursday throughout August from 10am – 12 noon and cost £3 per session.


Sessions are led by Bristol University graduate, Nicola Mansfield and cover historical periods such as Roman Britain, Medieval England, the Victorian era and the First World War.

Activities include arts and crafts with an archaeological theme, handling artefacts and replicas and historical re-enactment.

In the history club’s first session which took place last week, children quite literally held history in their palm of their hands by handling a wide range of archaeological artefacts and historical replicas, some of which were over 2000 years old!


The budding archaeologists also enjoyed learning to draw some genuine Roman coins and got the chance to learn about archaeological recording techniques.

And, as all roads lead to Rome, the lesson would not have been complete without the children also getting the chance to build their own Roman roads!

The next History Detectives session will involve children learning about Medieval Britain and investigating artefacts, doing brass rubbings, designing a chivalric shield and much more!

If you would like your child to take part, please visit Kingswood Heritage Museum on Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday from 2 – 5pm to pick up a History Detectives Application Form.

To find out more please email

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