Rise Hoop Dance: Hula Hooping Dance Classes for Kids in Bedminster

RHD GV-36-3If you are looking for an after-school activity for your child which is fun, active and a little different, how about a hula hooping dance class?

Rise Hoop Dance are hula hooping dance classes for kids aged 7 years and older, starting on Thursday 8th September from 4.30 – 5.30pm at The Southbank Club in Bedminster.

The classes have been set up by hula hooping expert, Debbie Maidment, and combine hula hooping, exercise and dance with lots and lots of fun.

Plus, the ‘Hoopettes’ will be learning a hoop dance sequence which they will perform  to friends and family at the end of term!

In today’s post on Bristol Mum, Debbie explains more about Rise Hoop Dance…

Hi Debbie, please tell me what inspired you to set up Rise Hoop Dance?

I have been teaching hula hoop classes for five years now and children love it! Why? I believe it’s because hooping allows children to thrive through actively taking part in creative, confidence-building fun within a safe and friendly environment.

My inspiration came after attending a workshop with the very talented Emma Kenna of Hooping Mad. I was instantly bitten by the hooping bug and it ignited a spark in my heart that has since led to a dramatic transformation of my own health, fitness and well-being.

After many happy years of hooping I wanted to share the joy it can bring with others and so Rise Hoop Dance was born.

What’s your favourite thing about hula hooping?

It is impossible to hula hoop with a grumpy face! An 11 year old Rise Hoop Dance student once told me ‘hula hooping allows me to forget about my day and have so much fun my cheeks hurt from all the smiling’. I think this statement sums up hooping very well.

There are many brilliant benefits of hooping but what I love the most is the incredibly playful way it allows me to connect with my inner-child. Life can be so serious sometimes but hooping with friends to your favourite music gives you an instant feel-good fix.


What are the aims of Rise Hoop Dance classes?

Rise Hoop Dance classes aim to encourage children to get active and learn a cool new skill whilst growing in confidence, resilience and overall happiness As an educator of over 15 years I am passionate about inspiring children to be the best they can be. Hula hooping is a fantastic portal to individual growth and success and it is wonderful to watch the transformation it brings to my students.

What age range of children are classes ideal for?

The Hula Hoop Dance for Kids class would suit children aged 7 years and above. All abilities are welcome. I also run FREE events across the city which are suitable for children of all ages, from 3-93!

What kind of activities will each Rise Hoop Dance class involve?

Rise Hoop Dance classes are always packed full of fun learning, play time and energising dance. Each class focusses on a basic hula hooping move, such as waist hooping. Together we learn how to combine these moves with jumps, throws and other cool hoop tricks.

The best part is putting our new skills into an exciting hoop dance sequence which the children perform to family and friends at the end of term. I am proud to say many of my hoopettes have gone on to hoop dance at Colston Hall and at local events.

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When and where are Rise Hoop Dance classes?

I currently run an after-school class every Thursday at Southbank Club on Dean Lane, Bedminster. The class starts at 4:30pm and lasts for an hour. There is a lovely café downstairs for parents to chill out while they wait.

How much does Rise Hoop Dance classes cost?

A block of Term 1 classes can be booked for just £5 per class. I also offer a drop-in price of £7. Get a class free! If you book a child onto Term 1 and refer a friend (who also signs up) you both get a class free.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time when you are not hooping?

Bristol is a truly fantastic place to live and has an amazingly vibrant hooping community. When I’m not spinning around inside a hula hoop I love to unwind on my yoga mat, take pretty pictures with my camera and ramble in the beautiful countryside that surrounds our City. Sometimes I do all three at once and sneak in a hula hoop for good measure!

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Hooping is for everyone! Don’t believe the myth! Anyone can hula hoop but the key is to use the right size hula hoop for you. Many shop bought hoops tend to be much too light and far too small. Beginners need a hula hoop that measures up to at least their belly button. Go large! This makes hooping considerably easier and much more fun!

I make and sell children’s and beginners hula hoops and I offer a special discount to people who sign up to my classes.

Is your little one interested in trying out hooping? Come along to my FREE kids taster session on 11th September running from 11:30am – 12pm at Southbank Club.

For more information about bookings and hula hoop sales visit my website www.risehoopdance.com or go to my Facebook page www.facebook.com/risehoopdance.