Redland Preschool: A Bristol Mum Review


If you are a parent to young children in or near Redland and are looking into finding a preschool for your child, you may be interested to hear about Redland Preschool.

Redland Preschool runs on Mondays – Fridays in term-time and is situated at 126 Hampton Road, Redland, BS6 6JE. It has a ‘Good’ Ofsted rating and provides a fun and caring educational environment for children aged 2 – 4.

As well as being a family run preschool, it is also a non-profit charity so that all income is returned to the preschool to support and enrich the children who attend.

Here is a local parent’s review of Redland Preschool…

Why did you choose Redland Preschool for your child in particular?

It is such a loving, patient and nurturing environment for our children to learn and grow.

How did staff manage your child’s settling-in process?

Again with lots of patience and flexibility – working with each family and child individually, not giving a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

What do you like best about Redland Preschool?

The environment the team create is wonderful, being a small setting they really seem to take that extra time to get to know each child and family. Supporting the parents just as much as the children!

What do you like least?

As my child would say – they wish they could go on weekends!

What kind of activities are on offer?

There is always lots of exiting activities for the children and they have free flow between indoors and outside every day. As I understand it, most of the activities are based on the ideas of the children – I think this is great, as it really gives a sense that it is ‘their’ (the children’s) preschool.

What do you think of the staff at Redland Preschool?

They are amazing, always enthusiastic and caring. They all work really well together and communicate everything that is going on – keeping us in the loop.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

It’s been great having two members of staff who are bilingual.

If you would like to find out more about Redland Preschool please visit

You can also phone the preschool on 0117 908 0455.