Holistic Treatment Parties with The Gentle Touch


Do you fancy an afternoon with your friends relaxing with an holistic treatment knowing your baby is close by?

Gentle Touch treatment parties are a great chance to get together with some friends and all enjoy an holistic massage or Indian head massage whilst you share the childcare between you.

How does it work?

The Gentle Touch run the treatment events in your home, just get a group of friends together and share looking after each others’ babies whilst you all get a relaxing treatment.

Group size can range from 2-8 people, and the therapists bring everything they need for the treatments; towels, massage beds and natural oils so you don’t need to prepare anything beforehand.

Treatments can be 30 or 60 minutes each depending on how many people in your group.


They can also offer a short introduction to Baby Massage or a short Baby Yoga class whilst you’re waiting for your treatment.

Pregnancy treatment events are also available for baby shower parties or antenatal groups before the babies arrive.

About The Gentle Touch

The Gentle Touch is run by two Bristol mums Emma and Anna. They have been supporting new mums in Bristol for 4 years and provide baby massage, baby yoga, weaning classes and family nutrition.

Much of their focus so far has been about the connection between mother and baby, and supporting the baby’s digestion through massage and gentle yoga moves. Now they are broadening out to include more services for parents too.


Emma explains, “During our baby massage classes we often heard mums say to each other, ‘I wish someone would massage me too!’, so we decided to remedy that and add this service onto our business. They are becoming a very popular way for new mums to spend time with their antenatal group”

Anna said “We’re also offering nutrition advice for families now to help support parents in new ways; what and how we eat is really, really important to our wellbeing, but it can be easy to live off toast as a new parent, we want to make it easier for mums for feel energised and more resilient through our personalised nutrition plans.”

Their treatments party service is a great way for new mums groups to get together for a relaxing treat. You each receive an affordable, relaxing treatment while your baby is being looked after by your friends.

To book contact The Gentle Touch on info@the-gentle-touch.com or look on their website www.the-gentle-touch.com for more information.