Top Tips for New Parents from Bump to Cradle’s Night Nanny


Today’s post will be extremely handy for many mums and dads of newborn babies, I am sure!

It is provided by Camilla, an experienced Night Nanny who is just one of ten brilliant childcare experts at Bump to Cradle, a new antenatal course in Bristol offering mums-to-be and their partners invaluable advice and support over 6 evening sessions.

Here Camilla gives her top tips for parents of new babies, a taste of the great practical advice she gives to parents-to-be at Bump to Cradle…
1. Don’t go crazy on equipment and keep your receipts. Get the basics but you will find lots of things will go unused.

2. Do stock up on meals in the freezer for those first couple of weeks, or if you don’t usually have ready meals at home then start to work out which ones you do and don’t like!

3. Get blackout blinds or curtains fitted in the bedrooms, especially if you’re having a summer baby.

4. Avoid overtiredness in your newborn by ensuring your baby is given the opportunity to rest after any awake period of more than 90 minutes to two hours.

5. Remember you are a team! Dads – don’t ask, just do! Don’t feel that you are being pushed out, the reality is that mums naturally need to take care of the baby’s needs, so therefore your job is to take care of your partner’s needs.

Be at home as much as possible with your new family, allowing mum to have time for a coffee with a friend, a bath and importantly sleep.


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