Badock’s Wood: a place for woodland adventures & magical discoveries


One of my very favourite things to do at the weekend and in school holidays in go exploring with my kids and having adventures.

Even better is that I get to write about our adventures on Bristol Mum and hopefully inspire you to to go on your own adventures with your kids in and around this beautiful city we live in!

Last weekend my husband and I took both our kids to Badock’s Wood which is ancient woodland, meadow and streams in the BS10 area of Bristol.

But Badock’s Wood also contains some magical discoveries just waiting to be found – more of this later!



Badock’s Wood is a haven for wildlife and contains many birds, butterflies, bats, owls foxes and spotted woodpeckers. At dusk you can expect to see tawny owls and bats!

Badock’s Wood is also a little oasis of peace and as we walked through it, the only sounds to be heard were the singing of birds in the ancient trees and the sound of the River Trym which runs through the woodland.

My kids had their Wellies on so delighted in climbing down into the streams and wading through, collecting sticks and rocks on their way.



They also enjoyed walking over little bridges over the River Trym, balancing on logs and generally exploring.

What we weren’t expecting was to happen upon some beautiful woodland carvings along our way, first a little bench, intricately carved, then a spider and finally a man in a tree!




After a while we decided to clamber up one of the little hills in Badock’s Wood and at the top we were delighted to be met with acres of green space and meadows!

As we explored the meadows, we then made yet another exciting discovery: a Bronze Age tumulus called the Southmead Round Barrow!


We learned that during past archaeological excavations this little ancient hill has revealed flint flakes, two flint scrapers, animal bones, plus fragments of a human skull and other bones. This might sound a little grim, but what history to come across!

Badock’s Wood is a wonderful place for woodland adventures with children of all ages. It really does have a sense of magic about it.

What’s more, there are level, well-laid paths with no steps so a walk there is ideal for puchchairs and prams, too and it is open at all times and free to visit.

If you would like to visit Badock’s Wood, you can find access it via the entrance on Lakewood Road, Southmead. There is also another, wider entrance to the woods on Doncaster Road in Southmead if you have a double buggy.

Who knows what magical discoveries you and your children will make in Badock’s Wood!