3 Easy & Delicious Breakfast Smoothies for You & Your Kids

A few weeks ago I started making smoothies for my children every morning for breakfast. Breakfast smoothies are delicious and easy, plus a healthy way for kids to start the day!

However, I have to say that my original reasons for making breakfast smoothies were less credible.

I have always found it a bit difficult to get my kids to stay in bed and go to sleep at bedtime and this has been even worse over the last couple of months due to the light evenings.

So I decided on some positive re-enforcement so as to get my kids to stay down at night.

The deal was that if they got into bed at the agreed time and stayed in bed – no calling downstairs, no creeping out of bed to get books or toys to read/play with in bed, no coming downstairs – they would receive a reward in the form of a ‘treat’ breakfast the next morning!

They have always loved smoothies and they also like fruit bread, hot cross buns and wraps so this is what I promised them if they remain in bed (lying down! and absolutely no calling).

I think this ploy has worked better than any other positive reinforcement that I have ever used.

It also works especially well because each child would hate for their sibling to receive their treat breakfast the next morning and not them!

Smoothies don’t have to be complicated or need exotic or expensive ingredients. In my opinion, the simpler the better – the last thing you need in the morning is extra phaff.

You can use a stand-alone blender, or, like me, a hand blender, putting all the ingredients in a large measuring jug.

Nor do you have to follow a set recipe, I have written three basic recipes below and you can follow them to the letter or just loosely follow them, depending what works for you and your children and what ingredients you have in the house.

You can also use the recipes below and then add a few extra bits and pieces that I have not mentioned (or substitute ingredients for those I have).

There are three main types of smoothie below…

  1. Natural yogurt smoothies
  2. Milkshake smoothies
  3. Fruit juice smoothies

You will see below that in some places you can add in really healthy ingredients such as baby leaf spinach or grated carrot – smoothies are a great way to sneak in some healthy bits and pieces if your kids are particularly averse to veggies.

My children are always fascinated about what has gone into the smoothies so I am always open in telling them everything I have added.

I actually don’t hide the fact if I have added in anything particularly healthy, such as baby leaf spinach, for example. I worry that if they discover I am not telling them about particular ingredients this might lead them to think negatively about them.

*Tip: if you choose to add in baby leaf spinach just add in a small handful otherwise the smoothie will go green and your kids might not want it!*

Here are the basic recipes for my 3 easy and delicious breakfast smoothies – each recipe will roughly make about 2 large smoothies / 3 small smoothies.

Natural Yogurt Smoothies

500g of natural yogurt (approx)
1 banana
A handful of any fruit – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc

Optional – coconut (I buy the blocks of coconut in the supermarket and scrape some off the block with a knife each morning)
Optional – a small handful of baby leaf spinach
Optional – a spoonful of honey

Milkshake Smoothies

500g approx milk (or almond milk if you wish)
2 bananas

Optional – a spoonful of honey
Optional – coconut

Fruit Juice Smoothies

500g approx fruit juice (apple/orange/pineapple etc)
A handful of any fruit – banana, blueberries, raspberries, etc)

Optional – grated carrot
Optional – small handful of baby leaf spinach
Optional – coconut


I hope my 3 breakfast smoothie ideas inspire you!

For more ideas on starting the day well with kids please see my 5 tips for a smoother morning routine with kids.