Animal Blessings Service at St Mary Redcliffe Church: four-legged friends welcome!

On the evening of Monday 2nd October you can come and have your pet blessed at St Mary Redcliffe Church.

In honour of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, RSPCA Bristol Dogs & Cats Home have organised a special service with an animal blessing.

All dogs and small animals will be welcome (however no cats are permitted due to potential stress levels).

If your pet is unable, too shy or you are worried about bringing him or her, you can bring a photo, soft toy or come dressed as your pet!

If you would like to remember a beloved four legged friend, please bring along a photograph for the blessing.

The evening will consist of a short service celebrating the joy and love that pets bring into our lives, in which you will be able to bring your pet up for a blessing, followed by refreshments.

The service is free to all and donations are welcome.

No tickets need to be purchased for this event, however if you have a Facebook account you can register your attendance on RSPCA Bristol’s Facebook page.

Please note that you as the owner are responsible for your animals at all times. The RSPCA would like to see as many pets attend as possible but please consider the needs of each individual pet before bringing them along.

This event may not be suitable for pets of a nervous disposition. All dogs must remain on leads throughout and small animals in appropriate carriers.

The Animal Blessings Service takes place fom 6 – 7pm. You can find St Mary Redcliffe Church at 12 Colston Parade, BS1 6RA.

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