Crafty Things Club Boxes: packed with fun craft projects & exciting surprises for kids

This weekend my little girl received a Crafty Things Club Craft and Activity Box and enjoyed a whole weekend of arty crafty fun!

Crafty Things Club Art and Activity Boxes are for children aged 5 – 8 which are delivered to your home and are full of exciting themed craft projects to enjoy.

The Crafty Things Club Box which my little girl received was beautifully packaged in yellow tissue paper and contained several different craft projects.

Each of the craft projects was wrapped up in colourful paper bags which made it even more exciting and my daughter enjoyed discovering all the hidden surprises in each of them!

The surprises the Crafty Things Club box included:

  • Dinosaur puppet kit
  • Paper plates, templates, glue stick and googly eyes
  • Crayola crayons
  • Jurassic era Eggscavation kit
  • Dinosaur rubber
  • Dinosaur mask to colour in
  • Toy dinosaur
  • Coloured foamies

All of the above materials provided everything we needed for several craft projects, plus simple instructions which was really handy.

Every Crafty Things Club activity box is different and concentrates on a particular theme which enables children to learn at the same time as having fun getting crafty. We received the Dinosaurs Crafty Things Box which my daughter loved!

My daughter chose the Jurrassic Era Eggscavation Kit to start with. This contained a dinosaur egg containing a baby dinosaur, along with some archaeologist tools to help her scrape away the egg to reveal the dinosaur within!

My daughter absolutely loved seeing the shape of the dinosaur slowly being revealed as we chipped away at the egg and working out what kind of dinosaur it was!

The dinosaur also happened to be a glow in the dark one which she took to bed with her that night and enjoyed seeing it lit up in the dark!

We did the Paper Plate Dinosaurs craft project the next morning which enabled my daughter to create two brightly coloured dinosaurs.

There were simple paper templates for her to cut out easily to help her do this which she then used on the coloured paper plates. She enjoyed putting the dinosaurs together and especially sticking on the googly eyes.

Later on that day my daughter wanted to do the Salt Dough Recipe which enabled her to make some wonderful dinosaur fossils!

We followed the instructions to mix and make the dough, and she loved pouring, mixing and getting her hands dirty.

After we had made the salt dough my daughter and her friend (who had at this point come round to play) had great fun splitting the dough into pebble sized shapes and imprinting the dinosaurs that the Crafty Things Club box contained, onto them.

Then we put the fossils into the oven to bake and my daughter and her friend started on the next Crafty Things project: the dinosaur mask!

They used the crayons and the coloured foamies that the Crafty Things box contained to decorate the mask and designed a brightly coloured and thoroughly original dinosaur mask!

Later on in the day when the dinosaur fossils had come out of the oven and cooled down my little girl set to work coloring the fossils (these can also be painted if your child wants).

She also had fun writing little messages on a couple of them to me; these now have pride of place on my kitchen window.

The Crafty Things Club box contains projects that will keep children busy over several days.

My little girl and spent a big part of the weekend doing all the craft projects and we’re still not yet done, we still have the Dinosaur Puppets to create!

I liked how the Crafty Things Club box contained everything needed for each of the craft projects and how all of the materials were of really good quality.

I also liked how each of the craft projects varied in terms of time and parental involvement needed.

For example, on a day when your time is short and you have other things to do, a project like the dinosaur mask making is something that isn’t time-heavy and your child can do independently.

However, if you have a good block of time you and your child can both tackle something a bit meatier, such as the salt dough fossil-making!

My little girl absolutely loved her Crafty Things Club Box, it was packed full of exciting and interesting craft projects which enabled her to use her creativity while also getting her thinking and learning too.

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*Disclosure: We received the Crafty Things Club Box free of charge for this review. However, I would genuinely recommend Crafty Things Club boxes – they are fantastic!